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Geri Eakins Core Coaching and Counselling
Believing that the Law of Attraction is an immutable, permanent and never-changing law is religious fundamentalism

Geri Eakins is a strong proponent, advocates and teaches from the bogus book, "The Secret." While I certainly agree with positive thinking, visualizing and action to make things happen - I do not agree with the grandiose sweeping statements of the book that Geri Eakins uses in her sessions called, "The Secret." Or as the book is now referred too, "The Law of Greedy Attraction."

I am writing to speak about mindless blather in the counselling world. I experienced the services of Geri Eakins and found this woman to be highly uninformed and disturbingly unable to "see" past "trends." Narrow minded to say the least, or perhaps, simply, unable to think for herself. One of those "trends" was the hoopla surrounding the book called, "The Secret." Geri Eakins executed a lot of readings and work in our sessions from "The Secret" and the idea of "the law of attraction." I had heard of the book a couple of years ago and wondered how people can be so extremely naive. Simply asking the question, Who does the Law of Attraction apply too seems to make the "spiritual guru's" quake in their boots. At the time of the hoopla about "The Secret" I questioned as too whether or not "the Law of Attraction" applied to, say, the people of the Holocaust or the child mutilated then killed at the age of 6 in Rwanda. The "All or Nothing" concept about the book and it's teachings are quite ridiculous. The notion that a counsellor could exhibit such ignorance is stupifying.

There are, at last count, 3 "spiritual guru's" from the book, "The Secret" including the author Rhonda Byrne, who have been charged with very serious crimainal acts including murder.

"The New Age and coaching world had gotten completely caught up in The Secret, and it was simply not popular to be against it.

Since then, many of "The Secret's" gurus have fallen from their lofty perches. Rhonda Byrne, creator of The Secret, has been accused by her former associates of withholding money she allegedly promised them, David Schirmer has been accused of bilking investment money from his customers, and now James Arthur Ray has been accused of murder.

What is the problem here? These people were supposed to be living, breathing examples of the "Law of Attraction, " meaning, you create your life or you attract what you focus on. Why are they "manifesting" investigative reports, lawsuits and arrest warrants? Could it be that there's a big piece missing from The Secret, and that is: CHARACTER? "

James Arthur Ray is not only under investigation for fraud but he was arrested for 3 deaths and 19 injured people. And it wasnt the first time paramedics were called to one of his retreat seminars Angel Valley Retreat October 2005. Perhaps he didn't take into account "the Law of Attraction" the first and second time that people went unconsciousness under his care. Google "James Arthur Ray scam" and you will likely discover that the man is indeed a con artist and that "The Secret" was and is the biggest con of all. Which leads me back to Geri Eakins and her unwavering support and advocacy for "The Secret" - Ms. Eakins, please go back to school and learn how to think for yourself so that you don't perpetuate and instill the notion of such utter non sense to people.
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Offender: Geri Eakins Core Coaching and Counselling

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Kelowna
Address: #200 - 2903 Pandosy Street
Phone: 2504701041
Site: corecoach.ca

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