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Fairy Tales Start With Once Upon A Time… Sadly This Is Not A Fairy Tale… It Is A Nightmare… And It Started With Bad Boy

So the washer that came with my house sadly leaked water all over my house. So began the search to buy a new washer. After checking ads and deciding on what brand I wanted, I saw my dream washer in the Bad Boy Flyer. On March 29 2008 we went into the London store and purchased the item. A delivery date was set and we left the store.

A few days before the delivery date I was called to tell me that the washer was not in stock, and therefore could not be delivered. So we waited… Close to two months later and a bunch of set up delivery dates and cancelations on them… It arrived!

But I wasn’t happy. My washer tub came in and it was dirty. White, black and brown stains lined the tub. Upon calling Bad Boy to inquire (with a manager) as to why my BRAND NEW machine was dirty, I was told that they test them out before sending them. So I asked… but why is it dirty? The response… they test them out at the manufacture. (Side note: I do not know about you, I have never used a washer and had black, white and brown spots left in it…)

I was getting a little bit upset at this point, so I asked “what do they put in it when they test it? ” “It doesn’t matter ma’am why are you so upset about this? ” My response: “it is supposed to be a brand new washer. I have to wash out my brand new washer, and to me that does not make sense.” His response: “I think you are over exaggerating and still mad because your product was not instock and could not have been delivered earlier” My response “well yeah, but this is just fueling my anger” and he hung up on me.

I called back and got the London front desk person and explained to her how unbelievably mad I was, and how inappropriate it was for him to hang up on me. She explained to me that she would write him up and talk to someone else about the occurrence. She apologized, and I explained to her that it is not her fault that he was a complete jerk.

So since 2008 I have regularly and consistently used my washer. I do the same amount of laundry every week on the same days.

In the beginning of February while using the washer a very high pitched very annoying noise was emitted from my washer. Upon hearing it I of course stopped the load and looked for my warranties. I attempted to use the washer again (with a much smaller load of only 2 items) the next day only for it to emit the same annoying noise.

On Monday I called the customer service number from my warranty package. I called 2 times that day and both times got an answering machine asking for a huge list of objects. I left all that was asked and waited with my cell. The next day I called again and left a message. Nothing… the third day I called my London store to figure out what was going on. Apparently it generally takes customer service 3 days to respond.

I literally laughed at the woman. I apologized, but made the comment that how is that good customer service when you fail to respond to the customer. If you are that busy then perhaps more staff should be hired. She agreed and passed me through to a manager saying he probably could help me out. He seemed kind and told me that he would contact customer service on my behalf and request contact immediately. He apologized and told me to call him tomorrow if I had not heard from anyone.

Minutes later someone from customer service called and told me that a service technician would contact me the next day. She asked me how I can be reached and I gave her MY CELL number.

The next day I was at work with my cell phone practically glued to my hip. No calls. I got a text from my husband saying that they called him and set up the meeting. (Side note: but wait… I specifically gave them MY CELL#...?)

I was not willing to take time off of work to stay home and wait for a repair man, and so I asked my brother in law who works afternoons. I explained the issue with my washer and assumed all would be fixed.

Sadly by the time the repair man arrived at my home my washer had sat unused for close to 2 weeks. And no longer emitted the noise. The repair man instructed us to call him if it occurs again, and he would personally come out again.

I then assumed that all was well and began a load of laundry that night. When I went to change the laundry to the dryer there was water on my floor. And not a few drops, more like 4cups or more. And to top it off the clothes in my washer were soaking wet.

I called him back the next day and explained what had happened. He seemed really surprised and asked me a few times if I had over loaded the washer. No, I did not.

He set a date and time to come out and I arranged for my brother inlaw again. The repair man came, and claimed that it was spinning before it finishes draining, and the load is wet because the water is just sitting in the tub. It leaked because as it spun it went over the top. So yay! A solution. He told my brother in law that we should not use it, and that he would be getting parts by Monday and would call us to set up another date and time, BUT he had to call Bad Boy and arrange the ordering and payment of the parts.

Monday came and he called and asked how the washer was working and if it had leaked. My response was shock. We were told not to use it. I asked him when he was coming to fix it. He commented that there was nothing that he could find wrong with it. WHAT? He just kept saying to me that he thinks that he can’t get it to leak because it has something to do with me. He asked me who used the washer, and how we operated it. My response was rather dry and annoyed “We put clothes in it” Maybe you are putting too much in.


He commented that he wanted to set up a time to meet with me specifically to watch me operate the washer. At the time I agreed because I thought maybe then it will get fixed.

The next day after talking with friends and co-workers I realized this was absolutely embarrassing. I called the repair man up and told him I was offended that he seems to think I am a complete idiot. He commented that he does not know what is wrong with the washer, but that I typically was over loading it. I said NO I AM NOT OVER LOADING IT!

I asked him about the part she claimed to need for it, and he denied ever even mentioning parts. WHAT! I told him not to bother coming, because I am fully capable of operating a washer, and if he had no idea what was wrong with it there was no point in him coming.

Feeling kind of responsible I thought to myself “maybe it is me…? ” So I put less clothes in the load.. and guess what it leaked. But it was not consistent. It leaked once every few loads… and some were large loads, some small.

Okay so what do I do now? It is now March and my washer has been leaking for almost a month and I am not about to call back the repair man. I decided to call customer service again. On Monday I called and got a call back on Friday at 5:15… 5 days of waiting.

The woman who called asked why I was calling. I explained my whole story and she put me on hold. She told me she would pass my name and number to the repair man and he would call me on Monday. I told her he would no longer be welcome in my home, and I requested another repair man. She then put me on hold saying she would need to speak with a manager. Great cheesy music…

She got back on the line and told me that they would send out another company. BUT if this repair man cannot find anything wrong with my washer then I will be charged for service call. But I am under warranty. I mentioned to her that my washer does not always leak, so what if it does not when he is there. Then you will have to pay for it. YEAH RIGHT. Not happening. I got angry and swore a few times yelling into the phone, but she latterly had nothing to say. I told her I wanted to talk to a manager, and she told me I can contact one on Monday.

She then passed me through to a man in warranty who proceeded to explain to me that the service call would not be paid for if they can not find anything wrong. So wait if you send me another untrained repair man, then I get to pay the stupid bill. Not happening.

I explained how angry I was swore a few times and commented on how this customer service sucks. All he said was to call back on Monday, and wait for the new repair man to call me back.

So my thoughts:

a) not a happy customer to begin with

b) not happy man hung up

c) not happy it took so long to talk to an actual person

d) not happy with repair

e) not happy with warranty

f) not happy about customer service


What the future holds:

I plan to wait for the call from the second company and verbally explain my situation, and what is wrong with my washer. If they can not verbally come up with an idea as to what could be wrong, then they are not worth my time. Then I plan to call the first repair man and call him out again. Then I plan to call bad boys head office and explain to them all that is wrong with my experience as a customer. Finally if my washer is still not fixed I plan to hire a repair person with my own money and I will send the bill along with this very long letter to every bad boy in Ontario, head office, and Lastman himself. I also plan to post on many websites, and send my complaints to newspapers and media. And Maybe! someone might get the idea and the thought to perhaps do something about it.

Sadly, so far this story does not have a happy ending.


Company: Lastmans Bad Boy

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: London

Category: Electronics and household app.


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