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Ina Cafe and Eberhard Ruoff
Aka yna & paul Nasty landlords who will lie to you then harass and attack you if they don't get their way

I have had many landlords in my time but never had one who were as nasty as these two.

I had to call the police on them when they physically attacked me after standing outside my door yelling and harassing me, demanding that I give them my SIN number and a copy of my passport, as well as sign a bunch of unnecessary documents.

When I refused to comply with their demands (by law, I am not required to), they went berserk. Yelling at me and calling me names. When I informed them of the law, that they can not make me sign anything and that they can not force me to give them my private information, they told me that that's "bologny" and not true.

They also charged me illegal deposit fees on top of my first and last month's rent. When I informed them of this, that this is illegal by law and that I want the deposit back, they also insisted that it's not true and yelled at my face that I am a "trouble-maker."

Then they told me to move out.

When I told them they have no right to make me move out because I refuse to comply with their illegal demands, they stood outside my door harassing me some more, telling me to sign some document they wrote up themselves.

I told them I refuse to sign anything unless I get my deposit money back, which they illegally took from me. They refused for a while, telling me I'm wrong, I'm a troublemaker, I'm no good.

They did all this while telling me "We are nice people" and that I need to "trust them." (Seriously cringe-worthy).

When I kept refusing to sign some document they typed up, the nasty woman physically attacked me by clawing her nails into my hand and ripping the money I had into two.

At this point, I shut the door in their faces and called the police. When the police came they flat-out lied, saying they didn't attack me.

The police told me they'll be writing up the incident in my favour, that those two are clearly the ones doing wrong. That there are many places I could rent where people won't treat me like this.

International students, foreign students, BE AWARE of people like these, who post their rental units on Craiglist and take advantage of young foreign students who aren't aware of their rights as tenants, force them to sign unnecessary documents that's in their advantage, make them pay illegal deposits, then harass and attack you when they don't get their way.

Their abuse didn't stop there. After this incident, they didn't deliver any of my mail that my employer has told me has been sent to my address. And they harassed me further by blasting the radio outside my window all day long into the evening, day after day after day.

These people are pathetic. They play it real low. Do NOT rent from these people. As the police said, there are far better places where the landlords aren't as nasty as these Yna and Paul.


Company: Ina Cafe and Eberhard Ruoff

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto
Address: 3136 Dundas Street West

Category: Construction & Repair


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