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Eluxuy Online

This review is long, but please read it. It could save you a lot of money.

Well, I wish all these complaints had been available online when I got duped by eluxury. There used to be an eluxury website that sold authentic LV, but they closed down and now all of these websites are clearly profiting off the name by selling fakes. I do believe they're all linked. I can't remember the exact URL of the one I used but I think it was or or SOMETHING... anyway, it doesn't look like it exists anymore.

This was my first online purchase EVER, right after I got my credit card. I heard the website eluxury was legitimate but did not know they'd closed down. The company claims to be situated in the UK on their website and provides no phone number, just a live chat. I went on the live chat and asked if the bags were authentic LV. They said yes. I asked how they sold them so cheap, they gave a spiel about low overhead and such, and reassured me of their secure returns policy- they would do refunds within 30 days. I was happy, and placed my order- I believe it was around $340 Canadian, plus exorbitant shipping and duties.

Right after, I found out the real eluxury had shut down. I went back on the live chat and asked my SAME questions again. I got the same canned responses as before, word for word. I believe they have a bot that scans your message for content and then replies. But this time I persisted- how are you able to sell authentic LV online? You can only get authentic LV AT LV, or at the now-deceased eluxury. The response was "this chat session has been terminated". Nervous, I tried to log onto chat again. From that point on, whenever I logged onto their chat, I couldn't connect.

The bag took forever to arrive. In that time, I sent 2 or 3 emails which were ignored. Finally, the bag arrived. A quick inspection of the packaging of the bag and the dust bag was enough to tell me it was a fake. Oh, and I should mention that the return address on the box was IN CHINESE. NOT FROM THE UK.

Of course, I was foolish enough to try to send it back. I paid a three-digit expedited shipping price to get it back within 30 days, because it was already almost up (I guess the policy was 30 days from when the order was PLACED, not when it was shipped or received). I thought their head office must still be in the UK, and the address on the website was the one that you were supposed to send returns to, so I mailed it there. I got a call from UPS a few days later- the receivers had refused the parcel. The man on the phone said the people they attempted to deliver it to would not pay the duties and accept the package back. Either the address on the site was fake, or they had just been jackasses and refused it. I could either pay again to have it sent back to Canada, pay the duties for them (with no guarantee that they would then accept it and process my return) or abandon the parcel. The whole ordeal had cost me about $500-plus dollars. I abandoned the parcel.

This company cost me $500, a ton of tears, and a lot of regret. At many times when I have been tight for cash, I think of how many times in the past year and a half since that ordeal I could have used that money. Now they appear to have closed up shop, but spawned many identical sites that are ripping off good people.

Please, please do not order from eluxury. If this does one person good by convincing them not to buy from there, maybe it was worth it. I've learned a lot about online shopping from this, and I'd like to pass some of those tips along: 1) Only order from places with a solid return policy. It should be returnable so many days after you RECEIVE it, not after you order it. They should offer refunds. 2) If a Google search reveals no information about the site, and you're suspicious, air on the side of caution. Could be that a year later, Complaints Board will be absolutely filled with angry, ripped off customers of the site. 3) With designer bags, if it seems too good to be true, it is. And finally 4) Never order from a company that doesn't post a phone number.

Hope this helps.


Company: Eluxuy Online

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta

Category: Clothing & Footwear


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