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Atwill Service Center
Gave me an Exact Quote on Repairs Then SCrewed me when I went to pay!!

As I am on Disability which is a fixed income, I cannot afford to spend money without knowing exactly what I am spending. When I had a problem with my car and had to have it towed in I called Atwills because they were close to my place. The tow truck driver (Derek) look at the damage and said he didn't think it would cost that much. The next day they came back with an estimate of over $700.00 to do the work!! I had to think about this, I didn't think there was anyway I could afford this and since I had only paid $500.00 for the entire car. My only options were to get the car back to my place and do most of the work myself as I could afford it. Since the front wheel was off I had to get them to do some work on it so I could move it to my place. I called and spoke to a Service Adviser and we went over the issues and he said for a good price they could get it drivable so I could drive it home pretty cheap. So he calculated how much and it came to $222.00 including labour for the left front axle to be replace and installed. Then it was going to be 136.00 including labour to have the left front ball joint installed. For a total of $358.00 plus the tax and the towing. I asked him several times to make sure that was it, that was the total because I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT AFFORD ANYMORE THEN THAT. He double checked and stated that was it. I told him, I am on disability so that has to be it that is all I can afford. He reassured me that was the total cost. I had him on speaker phone and my Sister and Niece were both listening. So $358. $75.00 for towing for a total of $433.00 5% GST - $21.65 8% PST - $34.64 for a total of $489.29 So this should be my total when I pick the car up tomorrow. As I did not have this money I called and borrowed $500.00 from a friend of mine. When I went to pick up my car the next day The bill was $568.90!!!! What happen from last night 'till today?? it's $80.00 higher then what I was told? I explained this to the front desk guy and told him I only had $500.00 no more and I should only be paying what I was told it would cost, after all it was not and estimate I got it was an exact quote. He went to the back to speak to someone and then this guy Derek came out, my original, "oh it won't cost that much" tow truck driver, who tried to explain they had forgotten something. So he went back and forth and then told them to give me $25.00 off the towing!! so they still wanted $543.90 and they would take my $500.00 and I could owe them the rest!! What!! I wanted to pay what I was quoted. I did not want to or think that I should owe them money and I already had to borrow this $500.00 in order to pay for the repairs. So I got a little upset and I told the guy I am not paying that, I want to pay what I was quoted. So he went and got Derek again. He came out and told me they forgot a charge they didn't know they would have and I told him that was not my fault, you gave me a quote you stick to it. He said it was not his fault either and I was going to be like that he didn't need any of my sxxx and the car was now full price for the repair and if I didn't have the money to walk home and come back when I did. I couldn't believe this!! I didn't screw up it was not my fault and I was given a Quote an exact quote which I was re-assured of several times. which I told him. He then said again he didn't need my shit and when I did get the money and get my car out of there he didn't want me to come back any more he doesn't need my kind of business. I guess he meant the honest kind?? not sure. I had no choice, I NEEDED MY CAR AND I HAD MY RENT MONEY IN THE BANK. So I paid the price, which he ended up taking the $25.00 off the towing, which left the bill at $543.90 still $55.61 over the original quote. And one very unhappy customer who had been yelled at an embarrassed in front of everyone waiting in the show room. Which I may add has some nasty things to say about Atwills and they way they charged their bills also. You can see I paid more the original quote and I had to borrow more money to cover the rent money I had to take out to get my car back. Some people are just real bad business people when it comes to dealing with Customer complaints. But I am not the kind of person you can take advantage of that way and not expect to hear from me again. I told him that before I left. I told him this was not over and not to think it was, not in a long shot.

Gloucester, Ontario
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Offender: Atwill Service Center

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Ottawa
Address: 1167 Rainbow Street
Phone: 6137445644

Category: Cars & Transport


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