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Citi Lines Moving

This company is the worst I've ever had to deal with in my life. Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent them so you can better understand what I went through with them. BE AWARE before you book them as they WILL take advantage of you and take your furniture hostage in order for you to pay what they want you to pay. If you don't pay, they won't unloaded the truck and keep your furniture and they requested a payment in cash.


Following the moving that happened on Saturday January 16, I have no choice but to write you this e-mail since you are not answering my calls or the messages I’ve been leaving you.

This had been the worst experience of my life. I’m so disapointed by the service that you provided or must I say the service you didn’t provide. You were schedule to arrive at the pick up address at 12 o’clock and without letting know, you showed up at 3pm. You told me on the phone that day that to compensate you would provide 3 man for the price of two but you never did. When I book you, I requested that on the day of the move I have a wardrobe available for my clothes but then again, you didn’t provide that either and I had to find a last minute solution to stuff my clothes in bags and they all got wrickled and need to be taken to the dry-cleaners. One of the two guys that came is the rudiest person I’ve ever met in my life. I was so rude and, cursed at my mother many times during the time of the move and telling to keep quiet but not in such a polite manner. They showed up at the drop off location at 6pm and started upacking only at 6.50pm (I had booked an elevator from 3 to 6pm and had to request a special permission to be able to have the move done so late). Your driver drove the truck on the pgrass of the property and when the security told him not to drive on the grass he cursed him out. A report has been done by the property managment and I guess you will hear from them very soon. It took them one hour and a half to unload if I can that unloading: the oldest guy was basically trowing the boxes on the floor and I had to repremand him when he trowed my Bluray player like a piece of garbage on the floor. I have yet to verify that it’s not broken but as of today, he did break 4 glasses. They told me that they were taking a 10 minutes break and that they would be back but they never came back. When I called him at 9pm to ask him if he was coming back up, he told me that they were gone already and that everything was done and that I even went to the truck downstairs and said that everyhting was alright. I was so shocked about that but after the day I had, nothing surprised me anymore coming from you. They left bags and boxes all over the lobby on my floor (I have witnesses) and they said that they left my 2 AC units downstairs and they are now missing.. I’m paying for a service and EXPECT to have everything brought inside my apartment. I didn’t paid $700 to have to carry my own bags and boxes. I never had the chance to check out the truck for missing items and now, I’m missing a box of tools and I want it back.

Now, let’s talk about the bills: what a scam you’re running. When YOU called me I asked you specifically what were the charges for the move and you said $50 per hour and no hidden charges. What a joke that was. I was charged 7 hours for labour when they only did 5 hours. I was charged $1°° travelling time when you told me that i was going to be only 1 hour ($50), after that to my surprise you charged me $50 for stairs when I live on the 20th floor with 3 elevators and NO STAIRS. After that, another surpris: $60 forHEAVY ITEMS. Last time I checked you are a moving company and moving mattresses and boxsprings is kind of normal as well as moving a couch. Nothing is oversozed and I found that I should’nt have been charged for that. Last but not the least, you charged me $ 0.37 per kilometres after you charged me $100 for travelling time; what is that?

I called you over and over on Saturday and you response was to hang up on me, well you cannot hang up on an e-mail.

I’m taking this matter and will file a civil lawsuit against you and your company for all the harm you did to my mother and I as well as the misocnduct of your driver so that this will not happen to other people.


Company: Citi Lines Moving

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Woodbridge

Category: Cars & Transport


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