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Terrible customer service

My boyfriend had gotten me a $200 gift card for H&M for my birthday, knowing it was my favourite store and that I usually spend $150 every two weeks there. Due to this experience, I can assure you I won't be returning. After spending 2 hours shopping, I was ready to check out. The girl rang all my merchandise through the till then I gave her my gift card. She rang it through and threw it in the garbage then told me the remaining balance to pay was $124. I was shocked and asked her how much was on the gift card. She said, "$5." I said, "That was a $200 gift card I received for my birthday." She insisted it only had $5 on it. I asked her to retrieve the card. She took two from the garbage which both said $5 on it. I told her they weren't the card I gave her. She kept telling me that she read the card and the one I handed to her said $5. She was being unbelievably rude and insisted I made a mistake and brought the wrong card. I said okay and finished the transaction with my visa. I was upset and called my boyfriend and he assured me he only received one card with $200 on it. I went back in and my friend spoke to the girl asking for the cards in the garbage so he could check the balance of each on his smartphone. I was too upset to speak to her since she had been so rude She complied, reluctantly. Most of the cards were $5 ones except for one which indeed had a balance of $200. My friend called me to the counter where the girl fixed her mistake without saying a word to me. I asked her if that card did have $200. She said sarcastically, "According to your friend, it does. So we'll just have to see." She processed the transaction normally and returned my gift card to me. I asked to see her manager and she refused. Her manager overheard and asked what was happening. She just told her my gift card was found at the bottom of the garbage can. I told her I didn't appreciate her rudeness and assured her that I would be contacting head office and filing a complaint. I ended up with $130 worth of merchandise but I'll let you all know, I was unhappy with the level of customer service I received and will be returning everything. I felt like I had been robbed $330. The girl didn't even apologize for her mistake. I walked away unhappy from H&M in Metrotown and I will be shopping at Forever 21 just across the hall instead of H&M.


Company: H&M

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Burnaby

Category: Clothing & Footwear


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