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Petro Canada
Wrongful firing

I have been a dedicated, hard working person who worked for Petro Canada for almost 3 years. I recently came back from a 18 day vacation which I had given 3 month advance notice on. When I returned not even 2 minutes into my shift and the boss sits me down and says "We've made a lot of changes ...

Tim Hortons
Eing rude

During my time at ordering . i wasn't even asked if i were finished ordering .. crystal was quite rude when i told here i was not finished my order .when i approached the window i recived dirty looks... this was at 440 am... ...

Unfair dismissal

I was working for the Dollar Tree for 3 shifts, my manager Tina, was the person who hired me and then informed me that I would be working 9:00 to 1;00 Monday and the Wednesday. On the Wednesday at the end of my shift another manager (I believe her name is Niki) told me I would be working on the ...