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Accusing of Stealing

I was a patron at the Chevron in Kelonwa (Harvey and Pandosy) this afternoon. I had just gone in to get an apple juice, and while I was in there, the employee by the name of Shauna, accused me of stealing Gravol. This got me really upset. This is completely inexcusable. Is Gravol an exclusive ...

YMCA of Greater Toronto
Sexism & Racism

My job was "ABOLISHED" 7 yrs ago. I worked there for 9 yrs then out of the blue they told me I had to leave (15 min to clear out my stuff). They where doing some "re structuring" and got rid of 4 of us at the same time. People get layed off all the time but it was the way that they did it that ...

Tim hortons

I went this Tim Hortons ordering a large meal for my family . I over heard the manager yelling at his employees and being very vulgar. I feel this behaviour should not be happening in a work place and will never be coming to this Tim Hortons again. I am writing this complaint as I feel it is unfair ...