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M Models and Talent
Money scam

I had an interview with M Models 3 Weeks ago at 243 Queen street the agents name was Nick, I payed them 650.00$ plus tax it came up to 734.50$ For my comp cards they said I need them that it was my resume and door way to the industry, after a crappy photo shoot with Sean s the so called ...

Ude employee

The photocopier is a foot away from the cashier. I was paying for my items, plus the photocopies that were being printed while the cashier was running my stuff through. As soon, as I approached the photocopier to check on my printing, one of the employees cuts in front of me, throws my printed ...


I always buy lotto ticket after my work, when ever that employee is on the counter he ask me for 2 or more ID to buy a ticket i only have 1 ID and its a government ID he told me I looked to young on my ID i need to show another one but i look all the same on all my ID, . all i want is to buy a ...


Oh never mind I checked my appointment book, the interview was at 1:15. I thought it was at 1:30 because my first interview was at 1:30. But I was only five minutes late, big deal. I can't believe they are making a big deal over five minutes. Also they were very rude, when I told them I had a seven ...


I had an interview at Leons yesterday. The Manager never really interviewed me. She mostly glorified the company to me, and the talked badly about the brick the entire time. I actually got a phone call back for a second interview with the DM, which was today. They told me the interview was at 1:30. ...

Canada Post
Delivery Notification

I was given a delivery notice in my mail box today saying there was no answer and to pick up my package tomorrow afternoon after 1pm. I've been home all day... if someone had actually knocked or rang the doorbell I would've heard it and my dog would've heard it and let me know someone was here if I ...