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Sears Canada
Bad Management/Co-worker drama

I've been working at Sears Canada in Edmonton Alberta for 9 years at a mall called Kingsway Gardens. I am writing this report today because I want everyone to know how terribly the workers are treated and how awful the management is there. Four years ago, my ex co-worker Nalida started working at Sears. She is hands down the rudest person I've ever worked with. From talking behind my back to literally everyone at Sears, to opening my pay stub to see how much I make, ran all my comission during gift, ran 22 transactions under her own name, then said she made a 'mistake' when they realized it wasn't hers, she has made my life a living hell. I left my job twice to work somewhere else because of her; I just couldn't stand seeing her face. Also, my ex manager Dale has a big role in this complaint. To describe him breifly, he's a preverted weirdo who always has this big fake smile stuck to his face. To this day, it amazes me how rude they treated me and the other girls at the Cosmetic area where I worked. Dale never listens or cares to what we say or what our opinions are, he only cares about money and sales. He already fired 3 girls that were very dear to me and they've never done anything wrong. Absolute zero respect for women, and sexist to the extream, Dale has showed no class or professionalism during his two-year carrear at Sears as a manager. One day during the first day of gift, Nalida was complaining about how I was cleaning the counter and how I had set up the counter for gift. I snapped at her, calling her a b*tch, after she yelled at me to "STOP IT". Things got out of hand, so secutiry escorted us downstairs for a meeting with Dale. Dale said everything needed to be worked out, so he sent Nalida to lunch for some time to breathe and he sent me back upstairs back to work, saying everything has been resolved. Of course, I went upstairs and continued my shift. I knew that I couldn't continue working there, knowing if I have a co-worker and a terrible general manager like Dale and Nalida, I called my husband and asked him to bring me a two-week notice resignation letter. I gave the letter to my managers Liz and Dale as soon as my husband came. Two hours later, another manager named Cindy approached me and told me to go back downstairs to Dale's office. Wondering what would happen next, I made my way downstairs to see Nalida in his office, too. We discussed more about what happened hours earlier (with Nalida fake crying the whole time), and Dale finally said I had ''broke the code of conduct'' so bad, I had to be suspended. I fired back at him, telling him I had already quit on a two week notice. The stubbron mule didn't bother, then he handed me a blank page notepad, telling me to sign in. I asked him what was it for, and he simply told me to sign it to show I do not work at Sears anymore. I signed the empty page, went back upstairs to get my stuff, with my co-workers hugging me and crying, and I drove home. I put 9 years of my life into that company, I did so much for them. I sometimes even put my own family before them! A day after I quit, I typed a report to an official complaint board, and recieved a call from them two weeks later. They had told me the empty paper I signed was something that said I had quit the company for good, and no longer get anymore pay cheques from them (I had thought I'd still get my two-week pay because of my resignation letter). The lady who contacted me from the complain department flatly said it "Dale tricked you". My co-workers contact me daily, and keep me connected with everything. Recently, Nalida left Sears, but we are not sure she got fired, or simply quit. My co-workers really wanted me to write the report also, because they cannot stand the unbearable management and their selfish co-worker Nalida. I hope that whoever reads this complaint understands what I went through these past four years, especially if you are a woman.


Company: Sears Canada

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Edmonton

Category: Career & Work


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