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Juddah Axel
I actually thought I finally found the perfect website I am looking for

So we were asked by our professor to research on the current issue about our environment and as we all know we are dealing on many. I thought it will be easy to research on this as per the rate our environment is going I bet it is a hot issue. I was right it is a hot issue but it isn’t easy to research. Why? Here is why!

There are many frauds out there like this website. I totally wasted my time reading on their articles then I got nothing. Nothing! Their articles are totally not connected to each other. Everything is outdated and every article seems to be lacking some evidence, it looks and feels like everything were all made up aside from each are all unfinished.

It actually took me a day reading on them with my hopes high that I could get something from the, but I ended up thwarted because everything was nonsense, yeah I am confident in saying this is a fraud.

The best thing I from reading on them is that I learn not to believe everything on the internet and in websites that appears to be legitimate. So I decided on researching on how to spot a bogus website and I will share them with you.

Uses an incorrect URL, if you are used to going to your bank via a regular address and the address of the site you land at is not the same name, you can be confident that you are not at the real site. Always double check to make sure that the site address is accurate. You can also hover your mouse pointer over a link in the email to verify that the link is directed to the same site that the email came from.

Asks for banking information, a real bank would never ask for your bank account information or your debit card and PIN numbers via email. Be wary of any email or site that asks for sensitive information (such as your social security number) that is beyond your standard login.

Uses a public Internet account, before you click on any link sent to you by email, take a look at the sender’s email address. If the email is from a public account, but claims to be from your bank or other business, do not trust the email. Moreover, do not trust any email or website that asks you to “confirm” sensitive account information, because this is surely a scam. You should also make sure that any email claiming to be from your bank includes your given name in the message, such as “Dear William Smith, ” instead of “Dear Valued Customer.” Real banks address messages to you by name as a way of confirming your relationship.

Includes misspelled words, if a bank asks you to log in to your “acccount, ” this is pretty good clue that you’ve stumbled upon a phishing email or fake website. Real companies have staff checking the accuracy of emails and website, and a mistake like this would be caught before it was sent or published. If you see a misspelling or a misuse of the company name, look for other mistakes and clues to confirm your suspicions—and don’t enter any of your personal information on the site.

Is not a secure site, legitimate e-commerce sites use encryption, or scrambling, to help insure that your payment information remains safe. You can see if a site uses encryption by looking for a lock symbol in the browser window. Clicking on the lock symbol allows you to verify that a security certificate was issued to that site, a sign that it’s a legitimate, trusted website. You should also check that the address starts with “https://” rather than just “https://”. Do not enter payment information on any site that isn’t secure.

Displays low resolution images, scammers usually erect fake sites quickly, and this shows in the quality of the sites. If the logo or text appears in poor resolution, this is an important clue that the site could be phony.

****SCAM SITES****


Company: Juddah Axel

Country: Canada

Category: Business & Finance


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