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Eno James Iyanam Ripoff - Company does NOT pay employees

Watch out for this company and these people.

Ekash is said to be a company that works with money transfer, currency exchange, and other products like so. Their goal, to sign on agents all over the world, in order to continue growing their net of contacts, to be able to do all these money movements.

Beware for they hire still... they publish their ads on Kijiji (that is how I found them). They do not pay and they owe pretty much every company or person that has had any contact or what so ever with them. They owe money for office space, phone lines Videotron, Regus, and ofcourse hard working people like me and my ex-coworkers. They also try to rent office space or commercial space constantly, and try to pay with international checks. Do not accept these checks, they will definitely bounce, and whats even worse, you may have to pay your bank money for the check bouncing. Crazy world this is.

My case> Ex-employee. They owe me $1400 (not a huge amount like other cases I have seen, but it is still money to me!) During my time working there (what a waste!) I had at least 5 coworkers, both in Montreal and Toronto, who had not been payed by the time I was booted. Funny thing, they throw people out claiming they are not good workers. These are people who stay with them without being payed, waiting patiently, and who have also in some cases left jobs to take what they believe is a good job opportunity, and then start noticing the payment problems. We all were as patient as we could. We waited to get payed. Yet nothing happened. I saw 2 offices with these people. We were KICKED OUT of the first office at Vieux Montreal. We moved to Saint-Laurent and Mont-Royal. After I left, they moved again to another place, and now they would be at a fourth place.

What I heard is that people like them, criminals and cons, live like this. They go from one space to the other, giving everyone their international checks (Meaning from banks in other countries, like spain), these checks bounce, so while they try to fix the matter, another month goes by, and when the owners have had it with them, they kick them out, and they were never payed at all really. Also note that these international checks, according to what happened to an excoworker who received a check like this. It will take a month for you to be able to see the money in your account.

So imagine the time the bank takes to confirm your check (you deposit it like normal), you think, "oh, I still haven't seen the money in my account, because it takes a month, so no point stressing out". But, oh! what a surprise, when you get a call from the bank letting you know that the check bounced, and this girl had to pay the bank 100 dollars just for depositing a check with no funds. So when you realize you have to go look for them to get your money, they have left already. Which is also what happened to her. We moved, nobody had any info no solution for her really, and these people were pissed off at me for giving her the address to the new office.

I believe this is their current address: 469 Jean-Talon WestMontreal, Qc, H3N 1R4. suite 426
But it doesn't matter, they will probably move out soon.

Names related to this company: You will be able to find them on linkedin, or just do a plain search for them. Everytime more results come up, as people come foward with their experiences.
- Eno James Iyanam, CEO -
- Kinsley Whyte -
- Nana Whyte -
About Hiring a call center in pakistan and ripping them off:
- Marc Bishopp

Please note that this company works under several names, or has the following sister companies:
The company is apparently registered under this name: 7628412 Canada SARF
Corp Groupe Ekash
Kashmart: -

Anyways, good luck if you ever run into them. And as a message to anyone who has been ripped off by this company, denounce it, go to police, wherever, but we cannot let this people get their way. We need to protect others from going through the same thing.

P.D. I say "apparently" several times, because after working with these people, and knowing all the missing information or suspicious affairs, I do not even know if it is a real company, if there are indeed other offices. If you try their phone numbers that are found on their site, some do not even work. So there is nothing certain with these people.


Company: EKash

Country: Canada   Province: Quebec   City: Montreal

Category: Business & Finance


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