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Address: 200-1765 West 8th Ave
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Canadian Pharmacy
E amil ripoff

For several months now, this company has commissioned telemarketers to advertize their products. (VIAGRA). To do this they harvest e mail addresses and send out e mails to the address mailing list. This company needs to stop their libelous practices. They are the ones who are ruining the internet ...

Canadian Healthcare
Spam email twice daily. They don't have an unsubscribe button, claim to be affiliated with Microsoft, and don't respond to emails where the request is to stop spamming me, and use spoofing technics

I have been victimized by a barage of emails from the company called canadiam healthcare. they use email spoofing, have no unsubscribe page, don't return information presented them on their contact us page, ignore request to be taken off their list, and spam twice daily. It is apparently run by a ...