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Megan Baxter Clark, Megan Kathryn Baxter Clark
Rips off another Ontario

There is no word to describe Megan. She lies to get what she wants and doesn't care who she hurts along the way.

Megan ripped me off in a number of ways. Starting back in January 2008. She contacted me about purchasing 2 CKC registered female pugs off of her. She told me that they had never had c-sections and were in good health. Megan also told me that i could pay for the girls in 2 payments and that she would also bring the girls to me. (A 2.5 hr drive) I should have no than that it was 2 good to be true. I agreed to purchase the 2 "CKC" registered girls off of her.

Starting with an email money transfer of $900.00 balance of $600.00 to be paid in 2 weeks.

Megan brought the girls to my place. These 2 girls were unbelievably under weight and had not been fed or givin a drink in a very long time. The girls mouths were white and pasty from no drink. As the girls lapped up the water their bellies expanded. The bowl was coated in white slime from them drinking out of it.

This was not normal --their teeth were rotten. The smell that came from the 2 girls was unbelievable. Their anal glands were impacted. I have never seen any dog impacted to the point where it stinks up the whole house. These girls were.

I should have told Megan than to take the girls home with her but i didn't. She gave the song and dance of how wonderful my place would be for the girls and it was just what she wanted for them.

The 1 girl had a horrific scar on her back where no hair grew in. Megan told me she had been caught in a fence with barb wire?? When turning this same little one onto her back I found she had had a previous c-section. Megan said that neither of the girls had had one. A scar is pretty easy to see, if you even bother to look at the dog.

The same girl had rotten teeth through out her mouth. I have pics of the girls mouths. Once this little one had some of the rotten teeth removed from her mouth she was a totally different dog. Her mouth didn't hurt anymore and she wanted to eat and chew on bones.

The other little girl is a very sweet and innocent girl who had probably been bred from the 1st time she went into heat. As when the vet spayed her at the age of 5, she found their was nothing left of her uterus. This little girl also had a tongue to long for her mouth. Megan told me her tongue had been frost bitten, this is why it was hanging out.

There were no signs of frost bite. Just a little girl who had a tongue to big for her mouth. This makes it difficult for the little one to eat. She also had bad teeth.

When the girls had some teeth removed and anal glands expressed. My house quit smelling. The water was no longer white and slimy after they had taken a drink.

Now for the $600.00 payment- I had given Megan a post dated cheque. After a few days and trying to reach Megan to find out the truth about the girls i realized i had been scammed.

I went to the bank and cancelled the cheque.. Just in time as Megan tried to put it through 10 days sooner than it what it was posted for.

Megan told me she had given the cheque and others to her accountant and it was her who put the cheque through early. Gullible me.

It turned out the 1 girl with the scar on the back was given to Megan under the condition that she spay her. Rightfully so she was 8 yrs old.

I paid Megan another $100.00 cash for the 1 girl. Megan took the other 1 back. (8 yr old)

After this Megan asked me if I wanted co - ownership in a male. Should have said no, right? I didn't. She wanted $1250.00 for 1/2 of him. I paid thinking this was the only way I was going to get the 1 girls papers. Ha what a joke.

A little while later when I realized I wasn't ever going to get papers on the girl, I asked Megan if she would buy my 1/2 off the male back. She refused. To turn around a few weeks later and want me to buy her 1/2 of the male out. She needed the money as her husband and her were moving, oh don't forget now she is "pregnant".

I agreed to buy the male 100% another $1250.00 hoping still I might just get some papers. I now just had to wait for Megan to bring me the papers. She promised she had them.

Megan wasn't done with me just yet. She called me and asked me if I wanted this female that had been returned because the previous owners had gotten a divorce. One of her friends had the dog... oh boy foolish me. I agreed once again to $1000.00 for this little girl.

Megan also wanted me to buy 1 of her puppies that had not yet been born. (still not receiving any papers) she will bring them to me. Another $2050.00 to Megan.

By this time I am going crazy, this is not the 1st dog she has tried to sell me. She called me continuously wanting me to buy 2 pregnant females. She couldn't keep them because of her pregnancy.

Megan had beaten me down enough. She called, the hubby answered the phone and passed it to me and I just started to cry. She wouldn't take no for an answer. I said yes I would take them. Luckily this one did not go through. My husband put a stop to it. After realizing what had been happening.

My husband told Megan that we wanted the papers on the dogs and that I would not be buying and more, we just didn't have room.

The day came that my $1000.00 female was suppose to come in on the plane.
She came pregnant. Oh and with papers from a breeder in the US. Once calling this fellow I found out that he had no idea who Megan was. Megan had answered an ad for a female. Telling him that the 2 of us were going to own the little girl together.

By the time this gentleman had realized something wasn't right with Megan's story he was on his way to the airport with the pug girl. He said he didn't know the little girl was pregnant??? The 1st thing I said when I seen her was "u better not be pregnant already" Little did I know I would be chewing my own words by the weekend. That little girl didn't make it and neither did any of her puppies.

Ok Megan has moved to Ontario. Megan did not tell me she was moving to Ontario but to another part of Alberta. Once the puppies were born i would fly up to pick out my puppy.

Megan had an ad on the kijiji site saying she had puppies for sale. All of these puppies were suppose to be pre sold. She even has names on her site of who they are going to.

When contacting Megan discreetly she tells me she has puppies.

I tried to email Megan asking her where my puppy was and she told me that neither of the girls delivered puppies. She tells me that she will get me one when they have them.

She not only rips me off but she has ripped off the people who have paid for the "puppies" AND now she has told the lady that bred her females that they didn't have any puppies. No way to prove otherwise when u are in 2 different provinces.

Megan has gotten away with it again and she will continue to if she is not stopped.

If you have had a run in with Megan please add it to this site and report it to the Better Business Bureau

I'm a sucker
Gullable, Alberta


Company: Megan Baxter Clark, Megan Kathryn Baxter Clark

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Sault Ste Marie
Address: 591 Macdonald Ave
Phone: 7059423303

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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