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Villento Brand Casinos and Use My Wallet
Fraud and money laundering

The Story of The Three Little Pigs... Villento Brand Casino Style

(the U.S. version, an old fairy tale with a new twist)

Once upon a time Villento Brand Casinos had a pretty good U.S. market. The U.S. loved to play and they were willing to pay.

Then Microgaming decided to flex it's muscle and BAN all U.S. play due to the issues being raised and problems in payment processing. ( Well, legal issues anyway... no one seems 100% sure why Microgaming made a pretense of pulling out of the U.S. market. But the fact remains that they did.)

...then they had a meeting behind closed doors. ( Here, imagine some wheeling, dealing and some conspiracy...)

But wait now, that is only two pigs. Who's the third little piggy? Ahhhh, that's right. We were having " processing " issues... that was something to do with all the problems in the first place.

Here enters Quick Tender aka Use My Wallet.

Now we have all three little piggy's in place, in a meeting, behind closed doors. Each with a vital role in this story.

Now, Villento was a great big piggy. They didn't want to give up all that U.S. money that was pouring into their casinos..Villento Las Vegas & Rich Reels. the same time, they kind of liked the idea of keeping even more of it to themselves... Hmmmm, these were greedy piggy's but not necessarily stupid piggy's.

How about if we make a " special U.S. only casino "? If they want to play... we'll let them play alright!!

Ummm..piggy rubs his whiskers, it would be alot more work to create a " special U.S. only casino "... but we can see the advantages here rather than let them in the " real " one. I mean that would seem easier... you know the exact same casino as all the other players play. But those Americans are special, they should have a " special " casino!! why yes, I think they should have a special casino with a special link!

"hmmmm, a special casino you say? Why you'll need specially created software just for that. You know, one where they cannot play or win any progressive jackpots, we don't want them horning in on the tournaments and those silly Americans will play even if we don't include them in the promotions we run... wink, wink... we'll just send them to them and let them imagine that they are! " Brilliant!!!

The big, tough, powerful Microgaming piggy's must have made a pretty sweet deal right about here. And their mouths were watering and they said, we can do that... after all we are the software genius's. They rubbed their little hoofs together and started to imagine all kinds of creative, innovative ways to create a special " U.S. " only casino.

Now don't go leaving us out of this story squealed the Quick Tender piggy's!! You'll be needing us!! We've gotta figure this money thing out and we are the money piggy's afterall! We know how to run the money around until everyone is so dizzy they don' t know where its coming from or going to... Alas, these must have been the piggy's living in the straw house.

We'll make you send them an invite so we know which ones are the casino clientel. You can tell them they have to use us or they will not be able to have their winnings transferred... wink, wink they are all laughing here. winning, right!! They would have to have a way to collect the winnings.

This way we can get a piece of that pie... and don't we love pie!! No one would want to play if they can't imagine getting any winnings...( ...they do have to believe there is always that chance, ) snort, snort, said the piggy. And all the piggy's snickered.

I'm not sure how we'll get around the fact that it is by invite from the casino only... and I don't know how we'll pretend to not know that every single transaction goes to the casino... and how the payments are processed from right within the casino. But we're just too excited to worry about that right now. And what the heck, we'll process through a few more names so we can process the payments made directly to the casino. We don't want all our pie in the same oven! ( in case one gets burned!) but we'll make it has difficult as we can so they go through our Quick Tender... we don't want to be missing out on our pie. We're piggy's after all... we're good at looking with a blank eye and pretending we don't know what's going on.

And so the three little piggy's formed a union. They were now a part of each others story.

But how will we keep those silly Americans quiet???

Oh... that's the easy part. The only ones who know are the ones who love to play. If they start making a fuss... we lock em out. SIMPLE.

We lock them out of the casino..and we lock them out of microgaming... what are they gonna do??

You lock them out of the Quick Tender... tell them you were not aware they were using funds for online gambling... sure, that will work.

They'll just go away and play somewhere else... right?

Until the Big Bad Wolf comes to Blow the house down!!! It's easy to blow down... after all, it's only made of money!!!

Oh well, I guess I can help blow down that house... after all, it was built with MY money!!!




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