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Canada Post
Atrocious service

Misedeliveries are commonplace in this town. My utilities bills have been delivered to other people and I have received all kinds of mail correctly addressed but wrongly delivered. Even my tax refund was put in someone else's mail box. I have to pick up my mail at a bank of boxes which was left ...

National benefit authority

Just want everyone to be aware of these scammers. they say they can get you money back for a disability benefit, and they charge you 30% fee of what you get back from the government, but what they fail to mention is that this your tax money back, and you can do it yourself FOR FREE . they pretend ...

Unkept promises

And so it begins please forward this before election day October 2011!! Dalton McGuinty - Please Distribute To All Ontarians... Now that we've seen what can happen in B.C. (with the recent resignation of former Premier Campbell), it's time to address Ontario 's situation. Here's a historical ...