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Rocky Ridge Ranch Homeowner's Association
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This place was screwed up. Cory, the manager, had neglected to enquire about driver's license, which shouldn't have been required for a poor paying cleaner's position. He knew after having hired me that I did not have one, and then made me drive anyways when needed.

He lied to the board members by not mentioning anything to them, and honestly I damaged the truck the first time using it because I did not know how to drive (talk about a crash course). He failed to write an incident report on the matter and glen found out by surprise because he had to specifically mention the damage to the truck. After having been played out of my job.

He also misrepresented the kind of damage that was done, it was more than just a bumper; he lied to glen about the rest of the damage claiming it was done before.

I was terminated under the following grounds:
A)Failure to perform my duties april 4th, etc.
In response to this, I called in sick on the morning in question, and was promptly issued a termination notice listing the reasons I'm listing here, the notice was hand delivered to my door while my boss was picking up my keys and work phone.

I was sick for nearly 2 weeks (that point on day 10) with an illness I'd caught at work (either norwalk or rotavirus, which comes from cleaning up a community center as the only other place I frequented was my house, where I was the only one with the virus).

B)Excessive lateness.
Actually I was late once, and this was due to my boss not giving me a new schedule. I showed up at the wrong time for a shift, two hours late (since it was the shift I had to do the next day).

The other two times I was late, it was because he first requested my receipt for a police check, which at the time I had lost in my papers and since I was given less than 24 hours notice, I ended up simply obtaining a new one (since then I have found the original receipt). This ran into one of my shifts but as per his orders "I either bring that receipt or I cannot work", so had I shown up for my regular shift, I would have not worked that day.

He did this again once when the results had arrived, which I expected were to be emparted to my employer as well since I had to fill out my employer's information; I was wrong and given the less-than 24 hours notice again or I cannot work. I spent hours trying to find the forms, cleaned my room, and found them in my coat pocket. This of course made me a few hours late, but again what was I supposed to do, show up for my shift and not work?

C)Substandard cleaning standards
I busted my chops and nothing was ever good enough, one thing out of place, one missed thing, and my standards aren't good enough. All this as complaints when I have 30 minutes to do a 3 hour cleaning job, empty garbages, and do a perimeter walk of the grounds, close the gates, secure buildings, etc.

Are you kidding me? I was told that I could leave some stuff for the guys in the morning, who then in turn made notes of everything I left for them as if I wasn't told to do that. I did what I could without spending "extra" time above and beyond my regular shift. I frequently logged in more than 44 hours per week. I worked 12 hour shifts -- why should I work beyond that?

In some cases I worked in excess of 12 hours, in excess of 5 days in a week (so no two days off). I was not paid any overtime at all, and hours could have been banked but were not, merely paid outright (so they owe me overtime).

I will be posting a follow-up to this complaint, there is so much more but only so much time that I have today to write about this BS -- had there been a complaint about this place I would have turned down the job offer and started somewhere else that would have likely respected me more.

Calgary, Alberta
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Offender: Rocky Ridge Ranch Homeowner's Association

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Calgary
Address: 10709 Rocky Ridge Blvd NW
Phone: 4035476683

Category: Politics & Government


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