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Unfair dismissal

I was working for the Dollar Tree for 3 shifts, my manager Tina, was the person who hired me and then informed me that I would be working 9:00 to 1;00 Monday and the Wednesday. On the Wednesday at the end of my shift another manager (I believe her name is Niki) told me I would be working on the Saturday late shift from 4:15 to 9:15. At this point I still have not seen the schedule because management just tells me the shifts that I am to work. After working the late shift Saturday I did make a mistake in not checking the schedule for my next shift. I so far had not worked 2 days in a row. I was just going to call the dollarstore and my phone rang, it was Tina and she was very unhappy with me. I was to be at work at 2:00pm I told her I didnt believe I would be working 2 days in a row, she informed me that she was not a babysitter, (when she was interviewing me for the job she also told me she was going to let 2 staff go because she was tired of babysitting them) she then told me I was going to be marked down as a no show. I told her I was sorry for my mistake, but I could be into work in 15 minutes (I live very close to the store) she told me no I could not. I asked could I come in a check the schedule and she told me no. She said that I would have to wait for a call from her. I waiting for 4 days and on the Thursday, I went into the store. She told me I was let go. and that was it.

After I thought about how she was using her power I decided to give her a note. This is a copy of the note I sent her. To Tina

Youre decision to terminate me has changed my life. I needed this job if I want to continue eating. You make it very impersonal, its anything but. You might be a good manager, but as for being human its questionable. Sincerely Dawn after I gave Tina the note she called me at my home and preceded to yell at me. Told me again she was not a babysitter. said that I cannot threaten her which I did not, she told me I should put on my resume that I am homeless and cant afford to eat. As she continued yelling at me she informed me that she can ban me from the store. While going off on her little rampage (I do believe she should have a random drug test) no one goes off like she did. I knew there was no way I could talk to her reasonabliy about my situation. So I eventually hung up on her as she was still screaming at me. I did call another Dollartree and spoke to a manager a male, and he informed me that with the 3 month probation a manager can let you go for any reason they seem fit. In the booklet that they gave me to read and sign, I did notice that they commented on respect for employees and management. Tina was anything but respectful. I really enjoyed working for the company and dealing with the public, it was everything I hoped it would be. The managers at the dollartree store all stick together, so taking a complaint against one would not get you anywhere but fired also.

I would not have missed my shift if she would have let me come in to fill it. She told me she had to fill my shift. while she was yelling at me. I asked her if I was terminated on the Sunday for missing my shift why did she not tell me that. She wanted me to have to wonder for 5 days. That was only her power over me that she was using to make me wait. I did not realize in this day and age that bullying in a company (in management) still exists.

Thank you

Miss Donna Fierz

[email protected]



Company: DollarTree

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Surrey

Category: Career & Work


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