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Murray Smith aka Ray
Mental Abuse

It all started many years ago when I went to visit an old friend of mine who was a stripper at a local strip bar in Niagara On The Lake. As I met with my friend Gloria she introduce me to her friend with benefits who was sitting next to her, Murray Smith Aka Ray. They were dating. We talked he seems nice, I had just finished writing a screenplay and he explain he’s a writer and a professor, we exchanged numbers but now after seeing and knowing what he’s all about, I rue the day we met. Murray aka Ray who was dating Gloria, ended up leaving his wife for, later found out that Gloria had a boyfriend whom she married. So the relationship ended bitterly and that's when I should have stop talking to him.

Ray have a thing for black woman especially young black woman mostly prostitutes, but his sexual habits was none of my business but I often thought what would a woman find attractive in him because I saw nothing besides he writes well unlike I. I don’t share his political views which makes our conversation interesting. He met my boyfriend, he visited my home many times and went out to eat several times.

Ray, Dr. Murray Smith this guy has no boundaries he even dated, but it was more like sex with benefits with one of the benefits cash and the other was buying her school books. Stacy__ who was a student at Brock university after their relationship if you call it that, later they had a big falling out as it happened with Gloria too, but one year Ray noticed she was enrolled in one of his classes so he send on email letting his presents be known. It was a class he picked up. He did this so that Stacy__ would know, and indeed she switched the class. That was the reason for his notice and it worked.

Then all hell broke loose my customer who could only wish of having me sexually took me to court, it was a very sad and stressful time for me and Ray was there for me. He help me a lot financially and with written material and just being a friend I thought. He knew my story inside out. The situation was unjust. Not only had I had to live with being taking advantage by the courts when I’m right. For that very reason I have strong stance against the breath penalty. A man can lose his life when he’s done nothing wrong. I lost everything, everything became homeless. I stayed in a shelter and even in such state I found love. I found love at the right time because my tumor was getting worse and I believe the power of love helped me.

I asked Ray if we could stay with him a while, he said yes and we moved into his basement within under a week, Ray starts to exhibit some jealousy. So my guy and I never touched each other in front of him. That still didn’t help.

We were not aloud to go upstarts at night. We tip toed around this guy always because when he’s not yelling and frothing from his mouth like a mad dog, he would stomp and turn his TV up so it was unpleasant. He did apology for that but his action shifted to talking lies to my boyfriend behind my back trying to break us up. That did not work. He went downstairs and yelled and him telling him he’s no good and he’s a creep and and… then he would tell him not to tell me which I found out immediately. We did not have the money to move out although we wanted to and Ray did stop there.
The abuse went on as his power trip heighten.

Ray even told my boyfriend that we never has sex, meaning him and me. I still can’t understand that, why that was even a conversation. Can’t men and women be friends nevertheless…
If he didn’t hear from his fiancé from England we got the rage, he took everything out on us. If he didn’t here form his hooker friend from Toronto we got the rage. Just Ray looking at us we got the rage of fire pure hell. I had no where to go so I took it.

We took it all because we were together.

We finally left and it was wonderful, he was going home and I was out not knowing where I was going to be but we were out. Ray came to my quest for help but as he was using his right hand to lift you up, he had his left hand fisted ready to punch the light out of you.

Ray is got a god complex, This girl he met at the strip club next to the sundowner one new years eve, he paid her for sex that night he told me. Then they continued their relationship while he was engage to the lady from England. Ray had given lady from England his old apple computer where she found pictures on it from the hooker from Toronto. “Lady from England he was fucking her and paid her for sex.” Hooker from Toronto Ray told me that she was going to move in but she changed her mind. Ray didn’t here from here for some time a few months and yes it was living in hell. He text her, call her with no answer, so he sent me to her address to relay a message to her, in fact she had moved from that address and was married with baby on the way in the matter of months. It was pure hell.
Ray once upon a time good friend that he use to hang out at the strip bars was making his way from Toronto to a socialist event at brock. So Ray asked him to pick me up so I can make it down which is faster than the bus. That was great. His friend sexual arrases I, telling me what he wants me to do for him. I didn’t take the ride but what he had revealed that day about Ray was disgusting of course Ray denied it but now I realize his friend was telling me the truth. I just didn’t realized he spoke so poorly behind my back. Ray was about to put me in a very serious situation. I call this the Trump factor “I just kiss then…”

Ray, probable had a crush on me, I never hugged him, one time he asked me why I didn’t like him and I said I do as a friend and changed the conversation. How can you like a man who slept with so many hookers plus Ray called my guy creepy but nothing says creepy more to me than a man with a big ass cold sore on his lip then he use make up to hide it.

The last yelling you did ray is in the pass and never again.
Your mental abuse stops
Your God complex stops
Not because you had helped me means I need to take the crap I’ve taken.
That stops.
I never thought I’d meet anyone worse than my stepmother, I did and it is Ray.
The gossip, belittling me. Stops
The poor me your harassing me when your texting too, Stops
The use of your privilege. Stops
Your lies. stops
And you writing about blackmail to scare me. That stops too
What I am, is fed-up with being constantly beating up in some form. That stops too.
I came as you agree to help me editing some work and you started yelling like a mad dog interjecting your abusive words. All stops
I left. Because I can.
I know you said “Let me clear I will never engage with you online. Like paper, the internet will take anything that’s written on it. And much that appears on it is complete trash. Sensible people know that.”

Well if I reach one fool like I was from this bully, job done.
Ladies if you run into this guy stay the fuck away.
Ray, wishes I was a prostitute.
His new girlfriend with benefit Lisa who of course works at a strip bar, be careful.
*** I will update with text, etc… upon rebuttal.
I need this garbage out of my head. Goodbye garbage.
There is so much more to write and I will.
Yesterday while he yelled. It felt like ants was running throw my veins, not until I walk for about ten minutes before it stopped.
I told you I wasn’t well and you said you don’t care.
Watch out for words he’ll use in his abuse like: mental unstable, pathetic… and he calls himself
Ray the Monster.
And he truly is.


Company: Murray Smith aka Ray

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Niagara Falls

Category: People


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