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Nono Hair Removal System
Fraudulent Charges

Bought product online, made an error and called company. They told me they cancelled my order and redid it on the phone. Recived both orders, got billed for both on my credit card. After many phone calls, we are getting this fixed, we think. Now i am getting a new charge on my credit card from them ...

Shaw Cable

I had the same issues as last year with my cable TV. A few channels would not work; therefore, I called Shaw to report the problem. The person that I got on the phone was ok overall, but offended me...When she asked me if there is a "splitter" at the back of my cable box and I told her that I am ...

Ethina kettle

I called bout my hacked email and the guy tryed to tell my my friends computer needed tech work that i didnt ask for and tryed to charge me for it and did not fix my email witch is free to do < i want my email fixed a.s.a.p thanks ...