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She tells you you are cursed and she sells products to remove the curse. Could take several products to break the curse. She tells every one same thing, love, money, long life, wish will come true... Jealous people around you and she can break the curse... of course you need to buy other services ...

Hydro one
10 Months to receive my bill

Took Hydro One 11 months before they would send me a bill. When I finally received it, they expected full payment within a short timeframe or it would go to collections. I had been paying what I thought would be a reasonable amount for a single person in an apartment but it wasnt enough. Why does ...


There are 2 instructors. one for road and one for teaching back parking. The person who teaches on road ( Deep ) is a great guy, has lot of patience and will take his time to teach you. the second instructor ( never knew his name ) who teaches back parking on the weekend is just the opposite. he ...