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Shaw Cable

I had the same issues as last year with my cable TV. A few channels would not work; therefore, I called Shaw to report the problem. The person that I got on the phone was ok overall, but offended me...When she asked me if there is a "splitter" at the back of my cable box and I told her that I am ...

Ethina kettle

I called bout my hacked email and the guy tryed to tell my my friends computer needed tech work that i didnt ask for and tryed to charge me for it and did not fix my email witch is free to do < i want my email fixed a.s.a.p thanks ...

Peter jackson red
Oken smokes

I have been smoking peter jackson for 6 years and i have had this problem 4 times, ive had enough...i open my pack, from my carton and 3 packs have broken and short smokes?! why can i not find a real company website, i want to be repayed for these smokes or i want a new carton. this is ridiculous ...