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Heater upgrade
Door-to-door soliciting

It should be illegal for people to go door-to-door ringing door bells and if not answered, continue to ring the bell or return a few times later till someone opens the door. In this case, when I finally got pissed and opened the door the 2 guys wanting to upgrade my heater, then they were annoyed ...

Hardwood design centre

I purchased flooring from this company and services was great. I was informed i could return up to 2boxes for refund. When I went to return the box i was refused a credit and told that refunds don't exist. So after making a scene and informing other customer not to buy from here, did they agree to ...

Nono Hair Removal System
Fraudulent Charges

Bought product online, made an error and called company. They told me they cancelled my order and redid it on the phone. Recived both orders, got billed for both on my credit card. After many phone calls, we are getting this fixed, we think. Now i am getting a new charge on my credit card from them ...