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Whilst having a look around the show room in the sea to sky ford dealership, came across a Ford F150 Chip Foose edition, i new i had to have it! I was approached by one of the sales men, who was extremley helpfull, we then went to sort out the paper work, told to come back the following week to collect the truck.

On arrival to collect my new truck had to fill out loads of paper work which went on for ever and ever, my truck was then bought out to me, it was still wet where they has just cleaned it, how nice of them.

Finally got home after my hour and a half drive to my house, when i thought "i would polish it", i came across staining all over the truck which i never noticed when it was wet! the staining was over the bodywork and all the windows, so i called Ford, they said to bring it down next week and they would have it cleaned and that i also needed to go back to the dealership as they had filled out the paperwork wrong and sent me away with their copy of the contract!!!

On returning the following week they gave us a demo car, which was ok, and yes we had to sit down and re do all the paper work, they had originally given us the wrong warranty the contract had been filled out wrong, anyway was just happy that the truck was going to be sorted.

Went back 3 days later, yep truck was cleaned, staining removed great!!! i was well happy, so that weekend went to clean it, guess what i found swirl marks all over the truck whilst cleaning it that had scratches it with the abrasive they had used to get rid of the staining!!! now i was starting to get pi**ed off, i called them up and they said "next time your down we will have a look at it"........

The first service was due so called up the service department, the lady on the phone said its not due for a service yet! i said its a chip foose edition with supercharger etc and its states that it need's a service at x amount of kms, but she still was going on and on about it not needing a service, untill i said im paying for it so i want one please.......

Took it down for it's service i said to the guy on the desk that the exhaust mount's need changing as they are splitting, and that the horn keeps going off by it's self and that i had to disconnect it .Went to pick the truck up, the service was done exhaust mount's Not done, and they said they could not find anything wrong with the horn and plugged it back in, and guess what more scratches on the tail gate and front bumper, got my truck and left rather pi**ed off again.

A few weeks later noticed several warranty items that needed doing, Called ford customer service and complained about the service, and asked if i could have the work done at another garage, they said it had to be a ford garage and the only other ford garage is in the city about a 2 and a half hour's drive! so had to book it in at the sea to sky service department, i called ahead to let them know what was wrong with the truck etc etc.

Took the truck down on a thursday afternoon, this was for its 2nd service and i also gave them a list of things that needed doing which was, horn still going off, exhaust mount still not done, heater not working, transmission box making a noise and reverse senseor not working body trim coming off .

Friday afternoon i called to see how everything was going, they said they have had to order parts and that they will in on monady, ...... so monday afternoon i called to see how things where going, they then said they had to order an air bag? and that it was going to take 2 weeks, the transmission tech was not in so had to wait till tommorrow, the next day i called they said they was just doing the senor and that it would be ready for collection at 5.

collected truck, more scratches............... exhaust mounts not done, body trim not put on heater not fixed and was told the transmission tech was too busy and that he would look at it when the air bag come's in.....

Called ford customer service complained again about the service and that the truck has yet again come back with more scratches, they said they will make a note of it and contact sea to sky ford to make them aware of the situation .....2 weeks later got a call from the service depatment my part was in so took the truck down, had to get another hire car!!! 3 days later all work done and yes more scratches on the truck.

Called Ford customer services to find out what the hell they are going to do about all the scratches on my truck that the Ford employees had done!!!

I bought a brand new truck that they have f*cked up, through their incompetence now im left wih a truck that need's respraying .

I really love this truck, as it is Chip Foose edition with all the extras, but why cant Ford step up and admit what they have done and put it right.

As of now im waiting to hear back from Ford customer service, as the service manager at the sea to sky ford dealership is away............ like i want anything more to do with that dealership, i dont want to take it to them anymore as they just f*ck it up!!!!

I know im not the only one to have issues with the sea to sky ford dealership, when we was looking for a truck we was told by several people NOT to go their, but thought want to keep business local and give them the benefit of the doubt, how wrong was we!!!! i would never recommend anyone going there.......
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