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Krystal Draper Of
Krystal Draper Posted Lies, Stole Personal Photographs, Harassed, Stalked Ontario

I am reporting Krystal Draper of Ontario, Canada for stealing my personal photographs since 2003 when I first opened my third domain ever, She has been harvesting pictures of my nephew, who she claims she never seen before in her life, but one of her many, many, many profiles shows a comment made by him around the time that she first started taking photos of him. I do not know for sure that she has been taking them from his profile or she took them from my defunct photo gallery, but she did take them. She took pictures of his twin brother as well and posted these pictures on her site as her "boyfriend". Krystal Draper posted that she and this boy went out drinking and had relations, when the boys were 15 years old and lived in Chicago, not Canada. She had no idea that she had taken the photos of two physically different boys. When I confronted her with this, she called me filthy names. She left me sickening comments and then she was suddenly gone for about a year.

In December of 2007 Krystal went off the deep end again and put me on her "Wall of Shame" when she was hosted on and then Her ridiculous lie about me was that she had my site shut down when a WhoIs can prove that my site has not been tampered with at all since 2003--when it was purchased.

Another thing she posted was that I was being sued by my webhost. I am my own webhost. She cannot even lie properly about me.

Krystal's "Wall of Shame" has always consisted of parents or mothers. She thinks people who have had children are sub-human and she viciously trolls them day and night. She does not hold a job, but lives with her mother and grandparents in Ontario and frequently steals her mother's credit card to buy domains. In 2004 she owned and had hosted over 40 domains. All paid for by her mother.

On January 31, 2007, after I discovered that she had stolen yet another personal photo of me from my site, which she would have had to work exceptionally hard to get since I have a no-right-click script embedded on my site, I filed a DMCA on her. She sent me this email, admitting to taking things from my server: "Hello Christine. The "copyright photo" has been removed from my site. However, I expect all photos you stole from me to be removed from your site as well... and I know there are many. I have never seen your nephew in my life and have never had a photo of him on my computer. Also, the only photo I have ever taken from you is the one that was on my site so there is no need to lie. I have contacted your internet company regarding the stolen
photos on your website and expect them to be removed. Also, my internet is not connected through my mothers and she already knows the truth. Thank you. Good day."
After this, she went to my site and screen capped my photos and totally misrepresented my profile. She made a page on but that was removed within 24 hours. She has done this to Karol of Her host,, has just laughed at the reports we have sent him, calling us filthy names and so on. She has made threats against other mother's children, made threats against us, ripped off our personal photos to represent her "friends" and stolen our blog entries, layouts, and ideas. Her ISP and webhost say she has done nothing wrong, but she is stealing people's visual identity for her web of lies that she has created for herself. She has also ripped off domain names, registering the .net of a popular .com or .org and then claiming that person stole from her.
Krystal is very psychotic and ridiculous and no one on the web believes her. She stole photography pictures from Guav on and other places. She has no respect for anyone and abuses her disabled mother all the time. She wishes death on people who have done nothing to her. She needs to be stopped. Forever.
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Offender: Krystal Draper Of

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario, Canada   City: North Bay
Address: 550 Lakeshore Dr
Phone: 7054720952

Category: Miscellaneous

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16thharmony June 5, 2017 10:24 PM
Krystal Draper exemplifies what beauty is. Her kindness, her spirit, her love that she gives to each and everyone.
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