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Hello. I want to start by telling you a little about myself. I am a 40 year old male from Sask. Canada. I worked in the oilfield most of my life until about 4 years ago when I had hurt my back due to an injury at work. Even so it was a work related injury, I didn't qualify for Worker's Compensation. For the first year off work, I collected sickness benefits through Employment Insurance, then about a year and a half of Social Assistance then to finish off the remainder to date, Canada Pension Disability. I was up until recently a single parent of 3 girls. Have a baby girl with my current girlfriend. To make my days go by a little quicker and to add some entertainment to my days I had joined Evony. That was about 2 months ago. I had invested close to 500 dollars to the game. I thought, what the hell. I don't do anything else, can't do anything else. I may as well spend something on myself and make the game more entertaining and speed things along. I had put anywhere between 10 and 14 hours per day into the game. All my heart and soul. I had met some very good people and to this day are friends with them via Facebook. Well everything was going well until about a week and a half ago while a member in a higher ranking alliance, i was attacking one individual. Every time I had attacked this person, I had received a very stern threat that this person had an uncle who is an administrator for Evony and if I attack him again, he was going to get my account wiped. I had copied and pasted this for my whole alliance to see. This had happened on 3 separate occasions. Many had witnessed these threats to which they were starting to make me nervous. In turn, I sent emails to Evony stating my concern and the threats I was receiving concerning the integrity of my account. I had not received any reply. Well a few days later, a friend of mine and myself, quit the alliance and moved onto a different one. One where most of us were Canadians and Australians. Was a very friendly alliance that wasn't having much action. We wanted to grow and expand quicker without the worry of being attacked so much. A day after we started the new alliance, I had changed my password. Being paranoid about losing my account to someone who may figure out my password. So I made it more complicated. Only 2 days into that alliance, we were getting attacked. My friend and I annihilated the enemy. Within minutes of the conclusion of the attack, my game froze. Upon reloading the game like I've done many times before, I couldn't get back in. My password wouldn't work. I tried everything.

Believing it was a problem with the system, I had gone to bed. Giving up on it until the next day. Well the next day had arrived and I booted up my computerto load up my game. I tried my password and it still didn't work. I checked my email account so check the Evony update mail to make sure I was typing it right and to my surpirse, my password has been changed to "finished". I went to the login on Evony and typed in my password and to my amazement and shock, my game had been restarted. Restarted with my second city gone and the city I had left had absolutely nothing in it. Completely erased.

I was in tears as this was what I've worked so hard towards. Only the day before, I had spent another 70 dollars to boost things up. And now I was also without an alliance. At this

point I had contacted Evony about the situation. I received nothing back. My friends and all alliance members also contacted Evony about the situation. I was ranking 500 out of over 10000 members and here I was with nothing at all. Nothing. You have no idea how depressed this has made me. Why aren't they listening to me? I want my cities back or at the least get my money refunded. Why would I want to quit a game I just invested more money into and I have all the Paypal payment information. Was also the 6th highest ranking individual in my alliance. Its not like I'm trying to screw something out of them. I just want back what was rightfully mine. But 2 days later, after numerous mails from myself, my friends and my alliance members, I have not received any sort of reply. The further along this goes, the more depressed I am. I have just given somebody a fair bit of money, money I really couldn't afford to give, but i did, just to play a game for a limited time? Then they take it away from me without regards. I've never harassed anyone. I've never abused anyone. Never even called anyone a name or ridiculed or made fun of anybody. Yet this one player I had attacked, I believe to be the culprit. I have a whole alliance as proof to this but yet nothing is being done. Favoritism doesn't belong in this game nor any other game. What did I do wrong? Just what did I do to deserve this? I put so much into the game just to have it all taken away. I want it back or my money back. One of the two. If I have to take them to court and sue them, then that be it because I have no other choice. But I don't know anything about that sort of thing.

I haven't bent any truth whatsoever in regards to what happened to me. If I would have given my password away to someone else, I would chalk that up as an experience and continue on with my life. But I never gave anyone anything that would jeopardize my investment into the game. I could understand maybe someone hacking my computer

through a router or different means but my closest neighbor is over a mile away. I live on a farm and I don't have wireless. What can I do? I feel like complete garbage, haven't slept since I found out I had everything taken away. What can I do? I'm on a fixed income and resources aren't at there best. I'm lost. I'm depressed. I don't know where to turn. With sincerity, thank you. Please help!!!



Company: EVONY

Country: Canada   Province: Saskatchewan

Category: Miscellaneous


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