Here is the original report that exposed the water filtration scam perpetrated by Stacy Molyneaux Kazabazua, Quebec. After the story was posted on over a year ago, Stacy Molyneaux started his slander of Waterworld-Mel Keeler. ORIGINAL NEWS POST (Over a year ago)

Salesmen are being trained at, 700 route 301, Kazabazua Quebec on "how to make money by convincing people their water is un-safe"

Company owner Stacy Molyneaux is arming his recruits with "The gift of the gab" and heading out to homes all over Gatineau, Wakefield, Cantley, Chelsea, Low, Venosta, Kazabazua, Shawville, CampbellsBay and all areas in between. hoping to snag some older, pensioners living alone waiting for some company.

Some of these new recruits will even claim to be water specialists, but don't be fooled, they all want the same thing... your hard earned savings! They come with swimming pool testing equipment and will scare you into thinking your water (you and your family have been drinking for hundreds of years) is now not good for you and only they can fix this phantom problem. So have your check book ready and be prepared to hand over anywhere from 3 Thousand to 10 or fifteen thousand dollars in many years of easy payments. (Price is dependent on how bad they decide the problem is and how gullible you are)

They will explain how their expensive filters and filtration, reverse osmosis, re-mineralizing, sterilizing, Chinese made, filter fighting equipment will magically bring you back to feeling like a kid again. No scam, scamming, scammers fraud, no mam'! no ripoff, RIP OFF, no way, no how they will say. We are here to protect you from your savings.

If you do not buy right away, at this "first caller special" the owner of, Mr. Molyneaux will be sure to get you on the phone and demand to know why you don't care about your health. What is there to think about? Did my "water tech" not explain it properly? "For god sake at least care about your family" "Let me help you figure a way that you can have this equipment today! don't wait or think about it" "What is there to think about, don't you want clean water"? he will ask you, What is more important he will say... your money or your health?

So hand over the money, sign the agreement people and you may live longer, stand taller, smell better, skate faster, see better, have a better card game, win at Bingo, yadda, yadda!

Then, when the dust clears, you can look back and say "WOW, that was easy. what is this piece of crap I just paid thousands for and where did he go"?

Beware people, they are here and they are hungry! Their "easy money" target of choice is the elderly so please have a chat with mom, dad, grandma and grandpa TODAY! -Stacy Molyneaux

Kazabazua Qc. Slanders Waterworld-Mel Keeler

After exposing a sales scam perpetrated by, my name and web site is now being slandered by Stacy Molyneaux. I just want all visitors of this site to understand that before you hire ANYONE to do work for you, check for references. Stacy Molyneaux is still running the same scam but is now under investigation by the RBQ and has already had a couple of court cases against him. The last court case, Mr. Molyneaux failed to show up for court and the Judge ruled against him. I am not sorry for exposing and Stacy Molyneaux I have no regrets and his slander against me is just part of who he is.


A free water evaluation is being offered over the phone by a company called DANFORLAKE.COM from Kazabazua Qc. Remember, nothing is free, it is just a ploy to get inside your house and sell you something you don't need, for thousands of dollars you cannot afford! They also leave water test bottles for you to return. These are not from an accredited laboratory. Beware of this sales scam.

Just hang up and if they persist, call your local police.



Country: Canada   Province: Québec   City: KAZABAZUA

Category: Construction & Repair


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