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MyCity Inc

This company is built and carrying business on a fantasy of lies. plus 400 more MyCity Inc., domains should be placed on a world wide watch, as their business practices are of a sub-cultural nature. Don’t be fooled like we were. The excitement of this new age and style of web site directory and the revenues that people are made to believe can be generated could hook anyone.

The entire client base you see on this web site, with the exception of a couple of dozen or more recent ones we brought on board, are not paying customers as they would want to make you or anyone else believe. How do we know this? Well we worked for these devious and misleading individuals for a substantial period of time. Enough time to see that their business practices are not ones anyone would want to encounter or have to deal with. They will tell you that they are partnered with all the major radio, print and TV media gurus in Toronto and GTA and even list their Logos on all their exposure brochures on and offline. How can they do this and get away with it?


They have managed to take for fools all those so called media partners by first convincing and selling them on a brilliant co-op program that will bring huge revenues to them from their client base, that would allow all MyCity Inc. advertisers to share the Radio air time, News Paper ad space, Billboards, TV commercials etc... All on a co-op and shared basis bringing down the advertising costs to the businesses so low that they will finally be able to afford to advertise like the big boys. WOW! And they the Media gurus would benefit greatly by now having all the small businesses that could never afford to advertise with them, on as a new client base.

So the so called Media partners were all made to sign and forward to them a letter granting permission and allowing MyCity Inc. to use their logos in their print and ad campaigns for the co-op program. They were promised that a database would be developed on the site and the advertising clients would be given access to book their ads online for whatever ad type they wanted to co-op on. The Media partners would get paid far in advance and the advertisers paid penny's on the dollar to promote their businesses, so then everyone would be happy.


Well they would attach their name to what everyone else was paying for in a bigger and bolder way and get Millions in free advertising. Plus it was to be the perfect tool to lure visitors, investors and advertisers to their website boasting of their partners.

Unfortunately for everyone no such database exists, nor did it ever. I don’t think they ever planned to build one neither. If they did we would have known about it, since I was hired to be their Executive Director of International Development, you think I would know.

This was only PART ONE of the devious and misleading cycle of MyCity Inc. Most of all this was carried out by their CEO Mr. Bill Vassikolopoulos (Alias Bill Vass) and his side kick and up front man Mr. Nick Giannantonio, their supposed VP at the time.

PART TWO: Where did all the money come from to hire the people, place all the Radio spot ads, book Billboards on all the major highways in and around Toronto, contract a Call Center and cover all the ongoing overhead expenses?

The people that they brought on board to work were made promises of salaries, shares, free licensing, bonuses etc... And a very high level commissions structure for sales. None of them ever got paid or received any of the promises made to them. Some people would call looking for Bill and Nick, threatening to come to the office and break legs. The overhead expenses and billboards were covered by his uncle and cousin who own the building where there office was, but is no more. They kept them there for 3 plus years without having received any money for rent or utilities, while Bill talked nothing but bad about them. until we and one of Bill's long time buddy's Angelo Mallia came along, there was no money. Poor Angelo got sucked in for a cool $100, 000.00 that was supposed to be used for a launch campaign that ended up failing terribly. Somewhere in all this there was supposed to be a budget for a sales team that never materialized and people had to be sent home. Bye this time their font man Nick Giannantonio was let go as well. Probably better for him anyway. At least his wife can keep a closer eye on his online activities as he was a regular hang around on porn and transvestite web sites. We compiled a whole list of sites he visited regularly if anyone is interested. Any monies invested prior to Angelo were from The Giannantonio family who apparently mortgaged their house. Mr. and Mrs. Mario Giannantonio are very nice people, just hard working immigrants that fell in the venomous pit of snakes. Bill just keeps on taking until he bleeds them all dry. with this guy, these poor people will probably end up loosing everything they worked for their entire life. How can I say this? I can say this because Bill Vassikolopoulos approached me to bring in one of my potential investors to go partners with him. His plan was to shut down MyCity Inc. and restart a new company so he could screw his partners out of there shares in the now problem filled company and of coarse he would make sure that I got a bonus and some shares. This is exactly what we believe is in the works right now as we have obtained information that Bill Vassikolopolous has struck a deal with some US investors to the tone of $900, 000.00 for 15% of MyCity Inc., in which he has received $200, 000.00 of it already and still avoids paying anyone on past commitments. The individuals known as Steve and Sandy probably don’t know what they are in for. These guys just landed themselves in a deep venomous pit and unless they are bigger snakes than Bill Vass, I feel sorry for them.

PART THREE: We can’t say much more, but we are pursuing any and all legal remedies enforceable, for the use of all our intellectual properties and labors that MyCity Inc. is currently using without having paid for any of it. We anticipate that they will soon have to remove all of it from the web site and still pay for labor and damages. They should be launching in the USA under MyCity Inc / MyCityInternational, MyCityInfoSource and MyCity with every city name attached to it.

Supporting individuals like these only gives them the strength and power to do greater harm to more people. They never keep their commitments to anyone they can get away with having not to. We have seen first hand, advertisers issue payment for ads that never got published or uplifted on their web site, only to get ripped off. Others supplied artwork and such that was never returned and lost.

Very poor business management and no customer service at all.

Investors beware, Advertisers beware, and Media Networks beware.

If you’re looking for work, we do not recommend MyCity Inc. or any of their affiliate companies /web sites.

Stay tuned for the MyCity Inc's Editors story on how they took advantage of a 22 year old girl, fresh out of University with dreams and aspirations of becoming a writer. Bill Vass Hired her as his Editor in Chief and then left her on the street flat broke and no where to go. This guy who hides in a basement, needs to come out of the darkness, into the light where his deeds will be exposed.

If MyCity Inc., would like to sue me in regards to this posted complaint, don’t bla bla bla about it, just bring it.

So we can finish exposing all your hidden skeletons and dirty deeds.


J. Denaro


Company: MyCity Inc

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto

Category: Internet & Web / Online Scam


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