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Stealing momey from me

This bunch of thieves took money from my credit card, for a membership, that I did not ask for when they made an offer to have a one week trial, I trried to download the Simpsons, cartooning, download, four days later, I am still trying to cancel this thing, and despite offers of refunds for unused time, they are not available anywhere at any of their dozens of addresses, in America or elsewhere, there is no doubt in my mind, that this is a scam, and I wish I had looked this up before even reading their site, now I am £42 out of pocket, at a time when all I wanted was to do a mural for my kids birthday, on his bedroom wall, and the very same day I was handed my redundancy notice, after 30 years with the same company, ( my redundancy will be the minimum by law, that they can get away with paying, around £10, 000 for 30 years), and the buyer of the firm that I worked at? One Mark Blandford, he of, ( one of the only people from the internet telephone betting fraud, involving, and others, who was not extradited to Virginia, from New York, after he cashed in his shares in this business, at a guaranteed price of £2.45 when the share price had dropped to 12p a share, after failing to remind his shareholders that there was a risk of prosecution from what they were doing as operators, to face prosecution, in America, HJe is now listed as the number 980 in the TIMES newspapers rich list for England, with an estimated fortune in cash terms of £60, 000, 000 ( $90, 000, 000), for this, he buys a casino @ £4, 000, 000 and three months later, fires the lot of us, so now he can rehire people at a lower pay rate than we were at, and if it fails, then he does not have any redundancy costs, for at least two more years, after we had worked tom save the business from collapse without a wage rise, for nine years,), my only solution? cancel my card, can I get a new one, as an unemployed person? who are we kidding? these people are scum sucking pond life, and America or Canada, someone in the law should put a stop to them, and their practises, why are the police of these two nation such lard buckets, from all the "donuts"? it certainly can not be from chasing any of the bad guys can it?

The police and American politicians are at fault here, for bringing this scumbag back into the lives of people he has already cheated once, when are the Yankees going to get him extradited from Britain when he next visits, from his Costa Rica home? they extradite bankers from our country, by agreement, when they had purchased a business from the bank, and subsequently made a profit, on it's resale, and threatened them with life in prison, as a starting point in the plea bargaining stage, for something that was not even a crime in our country, but Mark Blandford, is scot free, from arrest, in America? in New York?

Just who was getting "paid off" here? Scum sucking, pond life, here, and the Yankees do nothing, and because they do nothing this man now has the right to become a company director, in Britain? because he has no criminal record? perfect, for him, and his cronies, to launder cash money, big time, want a bet this casino suddenly makes a huge profit, within a few months, of opening again, and as for his choice of dodgy directors? well...

Your choice, if you deal with them, but for my sake, I just want to vomit when I hear their names... especially, sporting, or Mark Blandford, the whole damn lot of them.


Company: Unrestrictedownl,

Country: Canada

Category: Internet & Web


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