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NO to Westhill Consulting Insurance

I didn’t know why in the first place I was encouraged to avail an insurance policy at Westhill Consulting Insurance; it was the worst insurance carrier ever! it is a shame being a part of this organization. It is as if their motto, or their vision and mission is delay and don’t pay! And I do not ... is a reap off!!!!

I booked a hotel through HOTWIRE which Guarantees Low Price Guarantee. If you see the same hotel cheaper else where then they will refund you. I booked hot price, where you dont know the name of the hotel until you have paid for it.There is no cancellation.After the name was revealed I realised I ...


My sister and I attended a ARBONNE party and felt oblige to buy something to encourage our host I ordered shampoo, conditioner and body cleanser, nothing bad but nothing great happen My sister got skin care product with sun protection, she got rashes and hives all over her face, stop for couple ...