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Irish Spring
Different quality

Irish Spring deodorant soap sold in Canada distributed by Colgate-Palmolive Canada Inc Toronto, Canada M3C 1W3 is different in quality and different in quantity as compared to Colgate-Palmolive Company NewYork, NY which is very unfair to the consumers, American soap bar is 113 g, has a better ...

Penncorp Life Insurance Corp

I have complained about this company before and this one is kind of update They haven't paid me a penny yet. It has been 8 month so far but still sending me a lot of additional request so they can fool me around and wishing they can find a way they don't have to pay me the benefit. 8 month, ...

Bella Brite

THIS COMPANY IS A FRICKEN RIP OFF!!! they say they are only charging you $1.09 for your "free trial" shipped to you!!! someone calls withing TWO days, you CANCELL any further transactions and you still get nailed!!! $160 bucks they STOLD from me!!! and i will not stop until i get my money back!! DO ...