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Message: Dear Sir or Madam, I am a long time Leons customer having been so for over 20 years. Recently you have turned a tragic situation my entire family faced into the most uncomfortable buying situation I have ever experienced. On April 05 of this year we had a devastating house fire having lost our house all its contents luckily no one was hurt or died. We were told by the restoration company that we should be in by sometime before Christmas. We spent the 1st couple of months picking out flooring, the kitchen, the fireplace facades etc. than we started to look for furniture and appliances, having had always a positive experience with Leons we stopped in on July 11, 2010 and explained our situation to the appliance sales person Mr. Gaudet he in turn checked with his sales manager an as indicated on the sales order delivery date 12/25/10 was the result we were happy with this and placed the order for fridge, range, dishwasher, and a 60 in plasma TV additional warranty was also ordered. Original order # listed below. Subsequent orders, 07200NSQULF & 07250NSWZFY and that was just the beginning. Now in the last week I have received no less than 4 phone calls asking me when I would be available to accept delivery I was told what day the truck would be in the area however a exact time could not be confirmed, This I accept as normal procedure however my new house is no where near ready for furniture or appliances. So yesterday I visited the local store in Dartmouth and was told by the lady at the desk that they will not hold goods for more than 21 days. I in turn explained my situation and showed on all my sales orders the del date of 12/25/10 understanding that this would not be the exact date however when the house is ready we would call and make arrangements for delivery before this date being Christmas day. Now I did speak with my salesman Mr Glenn Pate and he said he would talk to the sales manager and have things worked out for us, he also told us the dinning room set we had ordered he could not get the complete set so floor model pieces would be used to complete the set but he would guarantee satisfaction this was by no means satisfactory but he said he would have his sales manager call me and rectify the situation. He said he had thought Sept was the expected delivery date, Sept is not mentioned on any sales order I have in my possession, why in Gods name would I project an unrealistic delivery date when in fact the delivery date reflected on the orders is realistic. In closing last evening I get a call from Glenn and I told him I would arrange to rent a storage unit and have the goods delivered there and avoid any problems, Glenn said that will not be necessary as he will again speak to his manager and work things out I even offered to pay for everything in full just hold it for me. Not 15 min later I get a phone call from a sales manager and was told to get into the store tomorrow, pay for the goods and have the goods delivered where ever I wanted but they will not keep them any longer. alternatively come in a get my deposit back. To say the least I was shocked. So I presented myself and was told the credit would be 882.03 that is the 723.89 deposit plus 158.14 for a warranty credit on a fridge I bought less than a year ago. At this point the young lady noticed that the credit cards did not match that is the one I was using for the credit did not match the one used for the deposit, after checking all my cards I called my wife and sure enough we had used one of her cards I asked to have the info taken over the phone and was told that she needed the card for the refund. So off I went to my wife"s office retrieved the proper card went back to Leons and was credited 723.89 when I asked about the warranty credit I was told that The sales manager said I would have to take that up with Citi bank who financed our last purchase at 0% almost a year ago. I explained that I take advantage of 0% offers and have just sent payment to citi bank and all the young lady could say was her sales manager instructed her not to credit the warranty unless I bought the new fridge. When I asked if I could speak to the Sales Manager I was informed she was on break and the store manager was out of the store. Now I anticipated buying much much more than had already been purchased I have been told I am easy to deal with, I guess that"s going to change, Now for your people to kiss off a 40000.00 or more order really surprises me especially when I had explained my situation during our first visit and was assured that delivery sometime before Christmas would be OK and than offering to pay in full. My eyes have been opened as to how you really think of customers and in the past I directed friends neighbours coworkers etc your way. Now I will go out of my way to have those same people go anywhere other than Leons I am so disappointed especially with your management team but also with the fact that we have to start all over again and find a store and people we can trust. You should reconsider your motto Leons its all about trust to something like Leons Trust has nothing to do with how we conduct ourselves. You have a couple of really disappointed former customers on your hands and hopefully none of your current customers have to experience the same type of treatment we had to endure especially under the circumstances with the fire and all. I would expect A company like leons to go above and beyond for a long term customer who find themselves in circumstances such as we have Sincerely, Malcolm J. Barrett

Date: 8/10/2010

This is the response I received from Leon's

Dear Malcolm,

Thank you for visiting although we regret the circumstances that led you to write.

Your email has been forwarded to the Managers of our Nova Scotia store, who will be contacting you to address your concern.


Leon's Customer Care

[email protected]

And here is my reply to there e mail

I expected nothing more, pass the buck, bullshit you regret the circumstances that led me to write, you are passing the ball right back to the assholes who started this mess I would bet that you never even looked up one of the order numbers to verify the delivery date nor did you have the nuts to sign your email you should be ashamed of yourselves for calling your dept customer care, its obvious you don't give a shit. I do not want to hear from your local store from offering floor stock to screwing up order dates when they are plainly printed on every order you could not screw it up any more. Now from my perspective I am moderating a meeting tonight at our church this evening the expected audience of 200 or so, the topic of discussion doesn't come close to customer service however I will slip in my experience with leons and I am sure that some in the audience are either in the market or know of someone in the market and maybe they will reconsider the necessity of looking in your store and drive by to the next one. Given the opportunity and until I tire of it I will tell everyone I speak to of my experience with leons, most everyone I speak with asks me how things are going since the fire and that's going to be a nice segway into my experience with you and yours.

Malcolm J. Barrett

Needless to say I have yet to hear from anyone at leons they could not care less, business must be good. Now last nite we visited Future Shop i Dartmouth Crossing we had an applianc sales person an av sales person and manager over seeing our purchace. we ended up buying higher end products with an open delivery date and saved almose $1000.00 over the leons order for similar products. If a leons managers brain was on fire, if he or she had one I would not pisss in their ear to put it out they discust me to no end and I will never darken their door again. If they are doing so well they have no need for my money nor anyone I have the opportunity to talk to.

Malcolm J. Barrett

[email protected]

Here is my last correspondence with leons and once again no response from them

And You refer to yourselves as customer care, what a joke. I have searched the web and discovered many uncountable complaints with respect to leons. As I had mentioned in my previous email attached I attended a meeting with an audience of approximately 223, as mentioned the topic of discussion was far from customer service but to be specific it did deal with social services available to elderly ambulatory people in our community. I did have the opportunity to slip in a little of my experience with you having the pleasure of introducing the guest speaker, and the result was quite profound. I was asked after the guest speaker spoke to elaborate on the importance of we being community leaders to protect the elderly and others from opportunists claiming stellar service yet offering up less than proper follow up and customer service. I had the opportunity to speak for over one half hour and the audience consisted of Clergy, Social Workers, primary care Physicians and as important and surprised me there were 4 interior decorators 1 of whom owns her own company buying furniture for clients ans supplying custom window dressings along with her husband who specializes in custom stair work. All of whom said they would never deal with leons again and even 1 who had recently placed a rather small order about the same as mine $20, 000.00 that she said she plans on cancelling the order once she speaks with her client. Now we all know you don't mind losing those small orders they as we know are nothing more than an inconvenience, so I am now really enthused about doing you at leons a number of favours, those folks I spoke to promised me that not only will they avoid your store but will tell others and the decorators I spoke with all mentioned that they will avoid your store at all cost. So I will continue on my mission to keep those small orders going to other stores.

On another point your manager as you mentioned never called me they simply walked away from the order and the credit for my warranty was never received so thanks very much, that small amount will cost you thousands.

once again thanks for the stellar service & given the next opportunity I will do exactly as mentioned above

Have a nice day making empty promises and sleep well.

Malcolm J. Barrtee



Company: Leons Dartmouth nova scotia

Country: Canada   Province: Nova Scotia   City: Dartmouth

Category: Furniture & Equipment


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