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Wal Mart
Verbally-abusive Wal-Mart staff misinformed public and misrepresented “Return policy

1) We are writing to express our shock and disappointment at the demonstrated attitude of your staff at Wal-Mart #3037, located at 665 Upper James Street, Hamilton, Ontario L9C 2Z5, near Fennell and Upper James in the Hamilton Mountain Plaza.

• What is the Wal-Mart PRACTICAL AND TANGIBLE refund policy?

• What are the PRACTICAL AND TANGIBLE customer service standard, and attitude and professional accountability of staff who wear a logo on their uniform: "Our people make a difference"?

2) We were shopping on 04June2010 for an audio recording device in the "Electronics" section, and requested the female employee for assistance.

3) She had her name-tag turned "reverse side up" [and later refused to provide her name too] She was NOT wearing any blue-colored Wal-mart apron/ uniform.

• Description-wise, she was young, Caucasian-white; wearing a pink-top, approximately shoulder-long blond-haired, female, whose possible name [we are told by another employee] was "Amy".

4) She heard us and chose to continue ignoring us standing there for over 10 minutes, while she was busy chatting with friends about her PERSONAL weekend-party plans, a matter that most certainly has NOTHING to do with "work".

• Thereafter, while we were still explaining what we were looking for, she began interrupting and NOT even answering the question that was being asked of her.

5) We politely requested her to stop interrupting and listen to the question before answering.

• She walked away angrily YELLING at us: "FUCK OFF" and "Get the hell out of MY store NOW! ”

• This AMY was consistent in her obnoxious manner, rude tone and tenor of voice.

• In response to our polite requests for it, she refused to provide her name, and also refused to get a supervisor or store-manager for us.

6) We asked another store employee for the store-manager.

• After waiting for over 15 minutes, along came a young, Caucasian-white, clean-shaven, male, wearing an ear-ring, and a name-tag that stated, "Tony, assistant manager".

7) While we were voicing our complaint to him, he began interrupting us, acting as a defence-attorney for this “Amy", and refused to hear our complaint.

• Thereafter, he started arguing needlessly, yelling at us in front of all customers.

• He also refused to provide us the contact information for the head-office.

• He stated that he is the person "in-charge". Later another employee told us that he was NOT the person in-charge at that time.

8) Furthermore, he FALSELY and INCORRECTLY informed us that once purchased; we CANNOT return any electronics item, for ANY reason whatsoever.

9) We went to the "Customer Service" desk, and found a female [once again, displaying NO name-tag whatsoever, who told us that her name was Kristen]. Description-wise, she was a young, Caucasian-white female.

• We asked her the "return policy" for an electronics item, such as an audio-recorder device. She pointed to the posted notice [which we also later saw on the back of a Wal-Mart receipt, which clearly stated: "14 days with receipt on computers ...", "30 days with receipt on ... Dvd players/ recorders, home audio systems ...".

10) Why did this "assistant manager Tony" FALSELY AND INCORRECTLY inform us otherwise?

• Evidently, either he does NOT know it or he CHOSE to purposely misinform us. In either case, how did he even get the job of an assistant manager? Is he fit to be an assistant manager for Wal-Mart?

11) On 04June2010, we called the store manager Donna Cardinal at her publicly-posted phone number [in the store] of (905)389-6333, extension 312.

• She has NO voice-mail. We spoke to a Ms. Brenda at extension 311, and left a complaint message for Ms. Cardinal, requesting her to call back.

• We got NO return-call-back from Ms. Cardinal.

12) On 04June2010, we left a detailed complaint voice-mail message for the district manger Mr. Ted Wynhofen at his publicly-posted phone number [in the store] of (519) 759-5218 requesting him to call back.

• We got NO return-call-back from Mr, Wynhofen either.

13) On 10June2010, we called (800)328-0402 and spoke to a Ms. Faiza, after waiting for over 15 minutes in queue [for the "next available operator/ representative"].

• It was extremely difficult to understand Ms. Faiza's thick accent. Furthermore, she was repeatedly interrupting while we attempted to give her the complaint. When we politely requested her to stop interrupting, she became verbally abusive. We asked to be connected to a supervisor.

• She disconnected the call and hung up on us.

• She certainly demonstrated a very difficult manner with us.

14) It is very likely that we are a small sampling of the entire customer population that shop at your store. Chances are that if this transpired with us, it may very well have occurred with other customers too. And several customers may well CHOOSE to shop elsewhere [including at better customer-service competitors, and NOT provide you this opportunity to address the problem and thus improve your operations.

• As you may also be aware, the best advertisement any business carries is by word of mouth [irrespective of the amount of dollars you may spend on costly advertising].

• Guess what we have to tell people that we know about Wal-Mart?

15) We are indeed shocked and disappointed at the poor quality and bad attitude of your staff.

• You staff were Verbally-abusive and refused to listen and misinformed public.

16) Now refer to for “basic rights under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002”. As stated therein: “

• You are entitled to a cooling off period.

Let’s say you make a purchase or sign a contract in your home and then change your mind. If the deal is worth more than $50, you have the right to cancel within 10 days. It’s best to cancel by registered mail or fax to get your money back.

• Remedies must be timely.

When you take advantage of your 10-day cooling off period and notify the company (preferably in writing) that you have changed your mind, the company has 15 days to return your money. The business has the right to take back the goods provided under the agreement by either picking them up or paying for the cost of sending them back.

• Anyone who violates the Consumer Protection Act, 2002 will have to pay.

Individuals violating certain sections of the act are liable to a fine of up to $50, 000 or imprisonment of up to two years less one day. A corporation can be fined up to $250, 000.”

17) Now, refer to the following websites. It evidences the MULTIPLE complaints against your store. Do you think you should do something about this matter?

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SHARON of NAZARETH, PA February 1, 2010

I went to a 20 item register and there was a lady with at least 50 items. We had a long wait. Her and I got into a few words, and I thought the register girl should of refused her. I approached her and she said she could not say anything or her job was over. I think that is a very bad thing for any manager to tell any worker. That is what they are for if people can not read signs. I think you should address this and not punch then for trying to follow the signs. They were other people in line was just as dissatisfied with her. I would of talk to the manager but no one was there to talk to, so the cashier told me to email or call. I will call tomorrow also and talk to they manager and let him know how I fell. I am not alway happy with other things but this just hit the spot.

Debbie of Houston, TX January 31, 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010 Wal-mart Customer Complaint: I and a friend went to the Walmart on Wallisville and Beltway 8 in Houston TX to purchase a few items on Sunday, January 31, 2010. We made our selections and stood in line at register #14 to check out. I went to the ladies room while my friend checked us out.

Cashier #1 When I returned to the register there were two ladies at the register, my friend was leaning up against the counter and all of the merchandise was sitting in the basket. I asked what was going on, he informed me that the 1st cashier made a mistake, deducted the 20.00 from my "Peanuts" Walmart Christmas gift card and charged us 20.00 for another gift card that we did not ask for. The total without the gift card came to approx. 102.00.

Cashier #2 The second cashier (Judy) said she would have to ring everything all over again. When I asked her why she appeared to be somewhat agitated and said so that she could fix the problem that the previous cashier had made and stared at me as if she dared me to say anything else. We waited while she re-rang our entire order. She handed my friend the gift card and told him to swipe it again. Then she asked him what did the reader say. He told her, "tell the cashier to press the button". Nothing happened after she pressed a button and she told him to swipe it again.

Again nothing happened. This is when I told her, that nothing is happening because the lady before her had already deducted the amount from the card. She turned quickly to me and said, "What do you think I'm trying to do, I'm trying to put it back on the card so that I can ring you up." She tried again and again nothing happened, so she went to the cashiera€™s station and brought cashier #3 (Anna) back with her.

Cashier #3 I had had enough, so I informed both of the cashier's to just give me my money back and cancel the entire transaction. They both refused. Again, I told both of them I no longer wanted anything from the store, just either give me a 20.00 bill or another Wal-mart 20.00 gift card and let me leave. Again, they both refused.

Cashier #4 After a few minutes of nothing happening, Anna calls on her walkie-talkie for yet another cashier#4 (Elanda) to see if she could help. When I observed that Elanda was quite grasping what Judy had just explained to her, I told both of them, to "stop" all I wanted was my money back. Elanda said, "Mame can you give me a few minutes to find out exactly what needs to be done." I said, "No, she just explained to you what had happened and you didn't understand and I did not want to spend all of my time at Walmart."

I step away from them and call the store & told the operator (April) that I needed the store manager to come to register #14, b/c 4 cashier's were unable to resolve the problem of my gift card. She informed me that the store manager was not there and Norma was the assistant or co-manager on duty. I also asked for the number to Walmart's corporate office & she said she did not know the number and suggested that I speak to the district manager. I asked her for the name of the district manager and she told me "Angela W." I asked her if she would be in the office on a Sunday, she stated she didn't know.

Cashier #5 At this time another cashier # 5 (Jennifer) came over to see if she could help the other cashiers. I very slowly moved the basket of merchandise a few inches towards them and told all of them that I no longer wanted anything from this Walmart except my 20.00 gift card or a 20.00 bill, either one did not matter to me, I just wanted to get out of this store.

Cashier #6 While I was speaking to April, another cashier #6 (Victory) walked up and asked Elanda, if I were causing a problem. Now this really ticked me off, how could I be causing a problem, asking for my money to be returned to my gift card. We were all shouting at each other. At this time April informed me that the manager was looking for me, as one of the cashier's was handing my gift card to me, I asked her if the money had been put back on the card, she said "yes."

As I was leaving, Elanda made a sarcastic remark to me & I turned to face her, when I felt someone grabbing me from behind. When I turned to see who it was, it was Victory coming from behind me, shouting at me to back off. When I faced her she shouted "you'd better get out of my face"and pulled her walkie-talk out and raised it in a threatening manner, which provoked to stand my ground. I loudly told her that I was not speaking to her, I was talking to Elanda.

Co-Manager I moved down about 2-3 registers to call the store manager on duty to file a formal complaint and waited for her away from the other ladies, leaning up against a pillar, when 2 of the ladies (Elanda and Victory) came and stood in front of me. The co-manager (Norma) and Jennifer walked up. Norma, asked me if she could help me. I said, "yes, but first I'd like to show how Victory treated me and yelling." I stepped towards Norma, in the same provocative manner which Victory came around in front of me.

As I was about to demonstrate to Norma how unprofessionally Victory acted, Norma threw up her hand in my face and told me that I had better go back over and lean up against the pillar. When I realized that Norma was definitely not the person to be speaking with. I told her "sorry I bothered you, I see you don't care about how customers are treated in this store either." She sarcastically said, "That's fine and you can have a nice day." Elanda and Victory, standing behind her found this to be extremely funny.

This is really sad, if this is how Walmart is training its managerial staff to assist its customers. We started going to this Walmart b/c the one near it located on I-10 East Freeway & Freeport had been labeled the Ghetto Walmart, b/c of the poor service and unprofessional managers and cashiers. We had heard in the news that several Sam's Clubs had closed and wondered why. Our experience at this Walmart and other Walmarts, pretty much sums it up. We are going to tell all of our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and chuch members about our experience at this Walmart.

Linda of Albuquerque, NM January 29, 2010

This store is in a area with many new housing areas being built. hsy still reat this store as if it where all getto. The selection of foods is limited. Their are no associates to help you find anything you be unsure of where it is located. The latter forces you to use another store. From speaking to neighbors many of us have moved our shopping else where.

GARY of CRAWFORDVILLIE, FL January 29, 2010

I [was informed today that as of Feb. 1 I will have to go to other stores to get my buy one get one items. I believe this is wrong. [Their] ads on TV say they will honor any other store ads. So why now in this time of need would stop doing something they promise? I have been shopping with Walmart for 12 years.

Terri of Holtwood, PA January 24, 2010

We visited store 5200 today and were treated very rudely by the Cashier, Emmy. We brought our 6 year old granddaughter to shop using her birthday money. She had 10 and found a toy for 10. It rang up for 12.88 plus tax. We told the cashier it was on sale and there was an entire display with them and signs and tags and she said we were wrong. I volunteered to go back and get the tag with the price, which I did.

When I came back to the cash register she was not there. She had gone in another direction to look for the price herself. I tried to get her attention, she ignored me. When she came back, I had the tag, showed it to her and she said I was incorrect the toy was 12.88. I said it wasn't and another cashier said it was 12.88 so I took her back to the display which clearly had 3 signs with the 10.00 price. This cashier apologized, walked back to the register with me and told Emmy. Emmy was clearly not happy, and proceeded to compare bar codes and call another cashier over to perform the void.

At this point she turned to the other cashier, rolled her eyes and started speaking in Spanish, obviously very angry, we can only assume, at us. Emmy then rang up the toy and it came up 13.65, with tax, she told us the price and again we told her it should only be 10.60. She angrily voided it and rang it up again and called over to another cashier in Spanish and the cashier apparently gave her a code to ring up the correct price. We concluded our sale with our 6 year old granddaughter, who by now was very intimidated by Emmy and the situation.

As we were leaving my husband commented to Emmy that for good customer etiquette, it would probably be a good idea if she didn't talk about her customers in Spanish in front of them, obviously not knowing whether or not we understood. She gave him a nasty, mean, look and sarcastically said 'What are you talking about? ' and he repeated that he didn't think it was proper especially since she was obviously saying something derogatory, rolling her eyes and gesturing at us. She put her hands up and very sarcastically said "Sooorrryyy" and snickered, again rolling her eyes and gesturing to her co workers.

What should have been a fun day of shopping for our granddaughter, turned into a frustrating embarrassing situation. In this economy, if I choose to spend my money in your store, I expect to not be treated as a liar and a nuisance, or as rudely as I was by this cashier. We called the store and spoke to Bob H., the Assistant Manager, and made him aware of the situation.

The Manager Carolann C. was off and we were not able to speak with her. We traveled 40 minutes to go to this Walmart, as it does not have the reputation of another local Walmart. We literally spent more than 15 minutes trying to check out because of the situation and left frustrated and angry. Since it is a bit of a distance for us to travel to shop there, we will think twice before returning to this store.

Vickie of Taylors, SC January 24, 2010

I went to the Greer store 2687 to cash my pay check the system went down. So I left figured I go pick up my grandkids and just go to the Taylors 1244 where I do all my shopping cash my check get my groceries get the kids their DS game no problem. I've done my shopping go to cash my check it gets denied. Now I know I have no bad checks anywhere for I have no checking account so Terri CSM who was excellent dialed the number for Certegy. I speak to someone who tells me yes the was a systems error and yes it was their faults but my check is showing have been approved so it can't be cashed. Now they know it wasn't cashed they know the system went down. No fault of mine.

She then tells me she could give a authorization code but Wal-Mart won't do it. She tells me to go cash my check elsewhere so I ask to speak to someone over her. Know bare in mind Terri has called for a member of management I've already been there for 30 minutes at this point. No member of management and I'm told Lula and Larry are there. Now I get Candi the supervisor with Certegy she tells me that yes the system went down and that it is their fault but there is nothing she can do. She advises me to take my check elsewhere so I ask about Bilo or Ingels I'm told no they use their services and their system will pop up and flag my check to. So I said your telling me your system virtually made my pay check worthless and uncashable. No she said I could go to a check cashing place. I said who is going to pay me back the fee I'll be charged using those services no one. I told her that I was sure a company as big as Wal-Mart who just lost a ton of buisness

because I'm not the only one this happened to many peoples checks got run and tied up as mine did appreciates the lost of buisness.She told me she could do nothing but take my buisness elsewhere as long as they didn't use Certegy.

I let her know I'd be talking to someone else and I believed the customers who shopped Wal-Mart should know that Wal-Mart used a service that didn't garantee there servicesI sure WYFF 4 can find out how many customers this system error affected and I'd be curious to know how much money Wal-Mart lost. At any rate I walked back to the electronics deptment to let them lock the games my grandkids selected back up. I saw Larry coming thru housewares so I stopped him now remember in the 45 minutes I was at the Money Center I never saw a manager. He didn't seem to want to stop walking to talk to me so I walked with him. Look at the tapes you'll find us on them. He did say he was sorry but he couldn't do anything.

I don't understand why the store managers were contacted it is thier store after all and there accountable for sales. I would think a system failure resulting in a loss of sales any store manager would want to know especially Scot. I left the store and went to my car called 1-800-wal-mart. The associate I spoke to told me they had a high number of calls on this matter but of course there was nothing that could be done. She would send it on. What really amazed me was she told me to take my check somewhere else to. I can't believe Wal-Mart is telling customers to take their business elsewhere. I guess Sam is rolling over. That was 4 people telling a paying customer who was in no way at fault to take their buisness elsewhere.

I know there were people whos check got run and it was a refund check. How much money did you lose. I know for a fact that you went after and courted cashing pay checks and refund checks knowing the money would be spent in your stores. Yet you are using a service that when it's system geos down doesn't garantee it's service. But the topper is sending the customer to your competiors. You could of had a member of management on the phone to Certegy they could of resolved the issue and you would not have lost buisness. But your management in the store seemed not to care. Instead of stepping up as I was taught it was no skin off their nose at the lose of buisness. Wal-Mart has certainly changed. That's why I asked for help in investagating to see how many people this affected. By the way this is now Sunday I've yet to get a call back.

Trina of Floral City, FL January 22, 2010

I just went in to Walmart and purchased 2 items. I told the cashier one was cash, which was a pizza. The other was a xbox points card and that was going on my debit. She rang it up and told me 20.00..I swiped my card and put in my pin. She was too busy talking to other cashiers that came up to her register, there were about 4, and she turned around, and started ringing up other items that belonged to the customers behind me. I asked her what she was doing? Those items are not mine..I had already said this to her, and had my total. She got mad, went to the service desk, and I followed.

The problem is, I had 28.00 in the bank. After paying 20.00 for the points card I would have had 8.00 left. As it turned out, my account was charged 48.68. I have overdraft protection, but it still charges me 32.00. I asked to speak to the manager, and he said; "We will reprimand her". "That's all we can do! " I will tell you, January 2nd, I spent 2500.00 for two t.v.', another 700.00 for a, another 400.00 for clothing. Which I still have the receipts for. I spend a lot of money in this store, and to have something like this happen, because of an incompetent cashier, I am floored! No one wanted to rectify the situation. I got the cash I was overcharged..but am still charged an extra 32.00 from my bank due to a cashier who was too busy talking to everyone else around her, then has the audacity to act like she is mad. Like it was my fault! I will not be shopping there again. I am sorry to say that, because I like Walmart, but I refuse to

be treated like dirt due to someone elses mistake, who was "supposedly" trained as a cashier.

Jim of Portland, OR January 22, 2010

Product Quality went out when Sam Walton passed away. When Sam Walton founded Wal-Mart he wasn't trying to build a store of cheap, poor quality products. The company turned that way out of greed. Sam would be devastated if he was here and seen what happened to his hard work. WHat is missing from Wal-Mart is "The heart of Wal-Mart."

leah of tallulah, LA January 22, 2010

we went to wal-mart on wednesday, january 20th, 2010. my husband needed to take a few tylenol but i didn't bring any with me, so he grabbed a bottle from the shelf and popped a few of the Tylenol rapid release pills. he put the bottle back into the box and put the box in the cart. we continued shopping. we when eventually checked out, he handed the tylenol box to the clerk and he scanned it. the clerk said that he could not sell it to us because there was a recall on the product. of course, we had already opened the bottle. the clerk then got smart with us and said "well, you should never have opened it." he then said "technically that's stealing, " with a bit of an attitude. my husband told the clerk that it should never have been on the shelf, which i agree.

i understand that technically, we should have waited until we checked out to open the bottle. but if it's on the shelf, what's preventing someone else from doing the same thing? this is similar to a kid opening a bottle of soda before he is thru checking out, it happens everyday and the management KNOWS that, no matter how they try deny it. any intelligent person should be aware of the possibility that someone may open and consume a product before they leave the store. what if a diabetic with low blood sugar needed a snack with sugar immediately to prevent passing out, opened a candy bar and ate some of it, took the wrapper to the checkout and found out that it was recalled due to toxic ingredients and they may become violently ill? shouldn't the responsibility fall on the retailer that KNEW about the recall and failed to remove the products from the shelf?

luckily my husband did not get sick from the tylenol. I researched it online when we got home, and the recall had been out since january 5th, 2010. that's FIVE days, 120 hours (at a 24-hour store, mind you) they had to remove the product so similar situations would not happen. i'm very, very angry at the situation. If my husband had gotten ill from the tylenol, i would not hesitate to get legal counsel on the situation, but he was lucky. who's to say the next person will be so lucky?

robert of garland, TX January 21, 2010

Most of the time when I ask for chicken and rice, they just mix with the crusty dried rice. That's discusting, you should be ashamed to allow this CAN'T THEY JUST COVER IT. I have gotten bathroom issues from eating bad chicken. Not too serious cause when my mouth itches from eating it I spit it out. I'm not looking for any payoff, just want to see a cover on the rice

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Posted: 2009-11-26 by Nonnie Mouse


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I went to your store to buy some pop. I would have went earlier however I am a registered nurse and I work ten hours a day. When I went to your store it was closed. I know that thanksgiving is a holiday, there was a manager in the store he went outside to smoke. She told me that the store was...

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Walmart - Indiana, Fort Wayne

Posted: 2010-05-24 by MeaganS4


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My daughter had an accident 5-15-2010 at this Walmart store #1804. She was sitting on the bottom edge of the cart while I was looking at an item on the shelf and she rolled the cart and got her index finger stuck in the wheel and the metal piece and it ripped her fingernail down to her first...

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Posted: 2008-10-13 by Susan [send email]

Terrible experience

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I am a 21 year old single parent. A mother of a five year old boy. I stole something from your store and did not think I would get caught. I know what I did was wrong, however your heartless security guard called the police on me anyway and charged me with theft. Do you know that this was a...

Comments United States Department Stores

Walmart - Maryland, Landover Hills

Posted: 2008-10-03 by Frederick A. Murphy [send email]


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The Evil Within

New Book by Frederick A. Murphy Exposes Walmart’s Awful Treatment of America

The book WALMART EXPOSED: The Evil Within is about former...

Comments United States Department Stores

Walmart - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

Posted: 2009-05-16 by Brenda Slaughter

Stupid Cashiers

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Wal-Mart NW Expressway, and Council in Oklahoma City.

Made a purchase of $30.31. Handed the debit card and 1 dollar to cashier. told cashier to take the 31 cents out of the dollar and use the 30 dollars on the debit card for purchases. the idiot took the dollar, then told me he and she...

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Posted: 2009-08-20 by whites concessions

walmart employee

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I was in Moses Lake, Wa walmart at 1:00 pm today and marjori on till 1 was realy rude so I fo

und the floor manager and told her about being upset with the way I was treated. And the managers responce was as rude as the employee. I own a business with 12 employers and if any one of my...

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Walmart - Wisconsin, Prairie du Chien

Posted: 2008-02-24 by mary lin [send email]

push/spit on/threatin/yelld at/hit

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hi im a mother of 3 small children in need of help!! heres what happen to me in a walmart, i was shopping for a toy for my 4yr son it was his birthday . i was in the toy dept the employee named REGINA CROSS .was on a phone yelling bad words my son said some of the words this girl used .i asked...

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Walmart - Virginia, Rocky Mount

Posted: 2008-09-18 by Katherine Angel [send email]

banned from Walmart

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I am very angry at Walmart . I was in ur Walmart store here in Rocky Mount Va on June 29 2007 @9;30 P.M. and there was a clothes hanger laying on the floor and i didn't see it and i slipped up on it and fell, busted the back of my head and busted up my left arm and shoulder. Walmart said...

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Walmart - New Jersey, Neptune

Posted: 2007-04-27 by Spawn [send email]

Awful customer support

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I just walked out of a walmart in Neptune, NJ with a rather weird experience. I walked in to buy a hard drive for my game system. When the teller ran the item at the register it rang up for 177.00 but the tag showed it at 100. When I told the clerk of the error they first observed the tag and...

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Posted: 2007-07-31 by aashh1 [send email]

Store don't have less price doodles

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The Store is big... But about kid's doodle (magnetic writer) they used have many varieties... recently no varieties.

While shopping we could not find any doodle so asked a salesperson, then he searched and gave us a old high priced doodle which was kept very up and...

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Posted: 2007-06-30 by Name withheld for privacy purposes [send email]

Be careful with your spouse at Wal-Mart!

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Do you have a spouse that works at Wal-Mart - Beware their fraternizing policies are not worth the ink that they used to print them with!!! Wal-Mart in NC allows open fraternizing of married employees and management/salary with hourly.

Management even tells the employees to not talk or...

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Walmart - Maryland, Salisbury

Posted: 2010-01-10 by Lisa Young

Did not honor price tag and threw it away acted as if I was a liar and cheater

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I went to purchase a e-machine computer there was a price tag in front of it a small white sticker that had the price of $298.00 when I went to the register to pay for it, it rang up $398.00 when I said something to the cashier she called back to electronics and asked them they said someone...

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Walmart - New Jersey

Posted: 2009-12-10 by christina zane

customer service

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we were in the deptford walmart and being i am on wic and 81/2 months pregant handed the cashier Tom op#00000581 was very rude and apparently was not faminular with the wic system. I even showed him what i could get and still argued with me about it. One of the checks had 36oz of ceral and took...

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Walmart - Washington, Ephrata

Posted: 2009-10-31 by overallstock

mistreatment of customer

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I was falsely accused, verbally assalted, close to Strip Searched (equally as degrading), humiliated, handcuffed and formally put under arresst by Walmart loss pervention personell and local police. When leaving Walmart I was stopped by a woman grabbing my cart and announcing that she was loss...

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Walmart - Colorado

Posted: 2008-09-04 by Tyrone Acubaja [send email]

Racism where I live at

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Da man is always out wachin us ya kno?? I wuz at walmart and white man comes up and looks at meh funny cuz my skin colour is charcole. Day be hating on us brothas cuz they afraid of da potential we brothas can produce and want 2 oppress us like slavery days... den hes lik ""u should...

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Walmart - New York, Catskill

Posted: 2009-02-18 by Mike Staley

Video Game Return

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Approximately 1 week ago my son (he's 10) purchased a DS video game, Madden 09'. Yesterday, 2/17/09 we attempted to return the item due to it having a "glitch" causing the game to not work properly. We had the original receipt and bag. At first I was told we had to exchange...

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Posted: 2008-12-23 by david a. cree

money on my card ripped off

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i loaded $96.40 on my my card this morning and when i called it told i had $88.90 i whent and pay to bill today for $35.50. and i had$ 53.40 and i got me something to eat this morning and it said $18.70 and i'm suppost to have $53.70 dolars on my card and it is not there all i have is $18.70...

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Posted: 2008-09-22 by Frederick A. Murphy [send email]


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September 22, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I was an employee at the Walmart store located at 6210 Annapolis Road Landover Hills, MD 20784 (301) 773-7848. As of September 20, 2008, I had been employed there for a total of fourteen and a half...

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Walmart - Arizona, Phoenix

Posted: 2008-03-13 by Unhappy Customer [send email]

Discrimination at Walmart

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The last few times I have shopped at Walmart I have been accosted as I leave the store by an employee demanding to see my receipt. Normally I would not take offense; however, I am white and the employee is an African-American woman who works there every Sunday and she does not stop other African-American...

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Walmart - Ohio, Gallipolis

Posted: 2010-02-20 by hate gallipolis walmart

walmart employees are nasty and rude

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gallipolis walmart employees are very nasty and rude they look like they need to be in a circus especially the one in jewelry with the big tattoo across her neck!!! nasty nasty nasty why cant they hire people that are decent i have seen some in the past that are very polite and very well pleasant...



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Wasted Time and Money

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

I have called the Walmart store in Lonoke before driving there to make sure an item was in stock. Four different times they said it was I drive 20 miles only to find out they didn't have this item!!! Also called about cashing my husbands payroll check, told them my name... More...

(Shopping, Chain Stores)

Pippi1 Add a Comment

Poor customer service

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

I was in a Walmart store the other day and noticed only 3 register were in service for customers. I only had 4 items so I got into line with the 20 items or less. All of the registers had at least 4 or 5 people in each line. It took us 10 minutes to get checked out. My... More...


belljoa Add a Comment

Walmart Visa Debit Card

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

My father purchased a Walmart Visa Debit card for my son as a gift. He lives in Texas and we live in California. Upon receipt I tried to call the number to activate the card. This particular card needed the activation number on the receipt. My father no longer had the... More...

(Shopping, Chain Stores)

robbedmyson Add a Comment

you didn't know??

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

So our walmart in Burleson Texas is undergoing the dreaded transformation...we were there tonight getting a few needed groceries becuase this is about the only time when you can get in and out of the store in a decent amount of time becuase it is so busy...that is another... More...


1walmartsucks Add a Comment

Separation and Warranty

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

I have been driving on some Douglas Tires. I thought I needed an alignment so I took it somewhere that could perform an alignment where they told me the actual problem was tire separation. The Douglas Tire was comming apart, the belt seperated inside. So obviously I could... More...


delticola Add a Comment

Rude worker's

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

I have had nothing but attitude from employees at walmart in Loveland on 34 and Denver. You ask for help and they roll their eyes or take a deep breath as if you've just ruined their entire day! Sherry is a nightmare! She works the cashier, she never smiles, she makes... More...


HealingMinds Add a Comment

sub/hoagie change

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

You recently changed your sub/hoagies you sell. Our family absolutely loved those BIG hoagies you used to sell. I see you don't have them anymore and am very disappointed. The other hoagies you sell in place of them are smaller and the bun is harder. Please bring back... More...

(Shopping, Chain Stores)

smarch Add a Comment


Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

Wal-Mart I just read about made employees in the photo dept. take down a American flag down. That is not right America made Wal-Mart what it is!!! More...

(Government, Civil Services, Politics)

gmaan Add a Comment

zones mgr

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

yes wal- mart has come up with thses new positions that to me seems like a mad up position that are called Zones Managers.These position allow 7 people to walk arround and give order they do nothing else than that Ass. Mgr. do the the same thing. than the store Manager do the... More...


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Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

The only Walmart in my area that has a fabric and craft department is fazing it out. The store will be remodeled next year. We have no place to buy fabric the closest store is 20 miles away and is so much more expensive. I used to spend about $200 to $300 a week at Walmart, ... More...


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Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

when i called in my prescription I wanted to get a price for the prescription, i talked to an employee and she asked me my name, she told me my prescription would be 54.00, she gave me someone else's info. if i would got the nitro glycerin pills i would died, i had to... More...

(Shopping, Chain Stores)

sarge9542 Add a Comment

rude employee

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

I just went to the sporting goods and ask this employee name edna and she very rude and she was also on her cellphone so she couldnt give me any service I tryed to look for someone but nobody could help me out this storema More...


maryloving28 Add a Comment


Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

Walmart as been known to sell everything from food to clothes and beyond. That does not mean they are a good store. The other day I went in, hoping to buy a Sweeney Todd Soundtrack, the one with Johnny Depp, and the matching movie. I wanted these things because I love the... More...

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Spacexcase Add a Comment


Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

What do you mean "Roll-back"? Wal-Mart Bran Flakes went up in price from $1.78 to $2.50 in one jump. I don't call that a Roll-back. I call that GREED! More...


Gideon Add a Comment


Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

I am complaining about the service that I received at the Walmart Super Center in Cushing Oklahoma, I just tried to return an item for an exchange and was denied, the clerk a girl named Connie took the item a couch cover, opened it up and then told me it was dirty and they... More...

(Home Improvement)

hellsjoker Add a Comment

Walmart... Eeeewwww

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

Wal-Mart... A few weeks ago My wife had a dead battery in her van. She happened to be at the Hallie Walmart. (Near Chippewa Falls/Eau Claire WI) She had purchased cold perishables. When she called me for help, I said ... Ask if they (Walmart) can put the items in their... More...


SandBlaster Add a Comment

Wal-mart #2189

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

On March 31, 2010 I went to the Wal-mart Pharmacy on Kietzke Lane in Reno, NV to get a prescription filled. I gave the assistant pharmacist my insurance card. He went to the computer then came back and told me the card expired in January 2009. I thought this odd since I had... More...

(Shopping, Chain Stores)

robgregtenn Add a Comment

Wal-Mart Tampa Fl

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

I am a recently retired military member, and at every base I have been assigned I have always looked for a Wal-mart to do my shopping. My wife and children are Arkansas' and feel some pride in that Walmart is an Arkansas company. Also, when peopler have bad mouthed the... More...


jamg102 Add a Comment

Empty shelves, price increases

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

Have been shopping at SuperWalmart in St. George, Ut for several years because of prices. Was there 2 1/2 weeks ago, Nalleys chili was .97 per can. Today it was 1.12. A 2.37oz bottle of McCormicks cinnamon-2.82. At a locally owned supermarket, the same size was 2.29. 2 lb... More...

(Shopping, Chain Stores)

leoj Add a Comment

Edna Texas Walmart

Wal-Mart (Walmart) Consumer Complaint

Bob, at the Edna Walmart needs to either have customer service training or just get rid of him. I have had 2 encounters with him, one in person and one on the phone. In Person he is not friendly at all, slow, and could care less about you or why you are there at Wal Mart... More...

(Shopping, Chain Stores)

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Offender: Wal Mart

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Hamilton

Category: Electronics and household app.


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