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Brixton University
Life Experience Degree

I wish to share my experience about Brixton University it is my hope this post well serve as a severe warning for those that peruse a life experience degree through Brixton University. First of all, this school does not exist. It is a company called Global Business Group. On or about January 20th, 2011 I submitted a CV resume, and filled out an application on the Website of Brixton University confirming my previous and present education, undergraduate degree earned, work experience, college credits, in-service training credits, and professional training I received. I was notified by Brixton University that my application had been approved. On March 8, 2011 I notified Brixton University, and placed my order for a Master of Science degree. I placed my order through PayPal; this is the method of payment issued by Brixton University. On April 22, 2011 Brixtion notified me and stated I sent them the wrong address and the documents were sent back to them. Brixton University did not provide me with a tracking number as proof that they sent any documents to me. I went to PayPal and filed a complaint that I had not received my order from Brixton University. Brixton notified me via email with nasty threats that I would not get a refund unless I closed my complaint with PayPal. In the many emails I received from Brixton University, Brixton repeatedly told me I was stupid and didn't have common sense because I filed a complaint with PayPal. Brixton continued to send me nasty emails and threated me with a no refund policy which is not advertised on their website.

Finally, I notified my bank, and my bank intervened as a result I was awarded a full refund. THANKS TO MY BANK I WAS RESCUED FROM the FRAUDS AT GLOBAL BUSINESS GROUP/ Brixton University.

In conclusion, on May 20, 2011 I received an unofficial certificate degree from Brixton University. The certificate degree was not presentable, the typesets of print overlapped each other listing the name of this University in big bold old English lettering it stated Souvenir life experience degree at the bottom in bold lettering (Front of Degree) and a incomplete statement of terms and conditions on the back of the degree that states “This degree certificate is not an authentication feature issued by or under the authority of any government, a state, political subdivision of a state, a foreign government, political subdivision of a foreign government, and international quasi-government organization. This degree certificate is issued under the authority of the sovereign individual and remains the property of the bearer. The bearer certifies all particulars on the front of this degree certificate are true and correct. This not an official certificate and is not issued by any authority of any government entity or agency authorized to issue official certificates. This certificate is not be used for any official purpose, or to use, deal with or act upon it as if it were a genuine official certificate, or to induce any person by the belief that it is a genuine officially issued certificate. This certificate is issued to the.”(Incomplete terms of conditions) After receiving this document today it is very clear that Brixton University is fraudulent, they even acknowledge that they are not authorized to issue real degrees, Brixton University staff are unprofessional, rude, ugly, and impudent, and the university doesn’t exits it is merely a company posing itself as a university that issues fake degrees. Clearly the website of Brixton University states that its degrees are legal, and accredited by World Distance Learning Accreditation Council (WDLAC)., they clearly state that they are authorized to issue degree see Brixton University Website. ( This is false advertisement and fraud. There is no mention of souvenir degrees award thorough this university on its website. And once again this company is not authorized to issue degrees see link form the Oregon office of Degree Authorization.

Brixton University British Columbia Operating Illegally. Lacks authority to issue degrees.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY; YOU MAY NOT BE AS FORTUNATE AS I WAS TO RECEIVE A REFUND. AGAIN THIS IS NOT A UNIVERSITY IT DOES NOT EXISITS IT’S FAKE. They will steal your money and give you something “that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.”


Company: Brixton University

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Vancouver

Category: Education & Science


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