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European Jewellery / Marex Jewellery, Toronto, Ontario
Bad Customer Service/ Rip Off

Marex Jewellers and Europeon Jewellers are the worst Jewellery stores ever. The only nice guy they had was a gentle who I saw once I went to collect my ring. Everyone else in the store was looking for victims to sell them high priced items which actually are not worth that much. I bought a ring and the very next day I wanted to return it. They refused to take it back, instead offered me store credit. I wanted to return it because I hated myself for getting trapped and scammed by these thieves because I found out that I was charged for this item more than 400% for the same item in different stored. And I feel like such an ass for trusting their word and not looking around. And their justification was "better quality diamonds". I just cannot believe how low people can go just to make a little more extra commission and profit. This is the worst type of customer service I have ever seen. Specially this manager "Donna". She acted like an angel when I was buying the ring and paying her but when I went back to return it, the whole attitude changed and the fake smile was gone. She said its store policy and then I asked for the head office number so I could deal with them directly. She refused to give me the head office number, I mean who does that now a days. Only and only cheats and frauds. Anyone who is confident of their quality of products and customer service, refunds don't matter to them. These thieves have good sales team so they trap people and push them it buy it right then. Once it is sold. it doesn't matter if a customer is happy or not because they don't refund you. I actually find hot dog vendor friendlier and nicer than these greedy people. She actually called security on me because I said I want a refund because I felt cheated. She offered me store credit but I refused to accept it because I didn't want to deal with these thieves again. I have accepted my loss already but please make this a habit to check refuse before spending decent amount of money anywhere. It is sad but this world is full of greedy people like Marex/Europeon Jewellers. I just hope my comments are of some sort of help to people who are thinking of buying anything from either of these two stores. And please spread the word too so that they can know it matters when you leave a happy customer, it damages your reputation. I have already made it my mission to spend at least one hour everyday for coming months to tell the truth about these frauds to everyone. At the end of the day it is not about the money, it is the feeling of being ripped off that I cannot even sleep now. I just pray to God they go bankrupt one day for not having any customers and then they can wear all their shitty jewellery themselves. Please spread the word, it might help someone from being ripped off!


Company: European Jewellery / Marex Jewellery, Toronto, Ontario

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto

Category: Dating


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