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Spring Masters Canada
Hires Criminals

Spring Masters Canada Hires Criminals To Come To Your Home!

Last year (2010) my neighbour's house got broken into by a "spring masters canada" employee. She was not even a customer, some teenage employee in the "area" was watching her house all day long. She left for a short while and a Spring Master Employee broke into her house, went through her things, he attempted to rob her house while she was not home. She came home earlier than expected and found him in her house with his hands full of items to steal. The Spring Masters Employee got "spooked" and picked up an object and KILLED her pet Rabit. He deliberately killed this harmless creature and than ran away. The police were called right away. The Owner of Spring Masters was contacted and notified. His form of appoligies to my neighbour was a "Gift Certificate" to a restaurant! (Pathetic and... Cheap!)

This Year (2011) I wante dto see for my self just out of curiosity how Spring Masters Does their "Hiring" proceedure. This is how it goes...

1. You apply online

2.After they Harrass you via Phone 10 times you attend a job fair

3. At the job fair you hand them your resume

4. 10 SECONDS later they give you a piece of paper inviting you to the Training session

5. Your Hired!

For all they know I could be a criminal, bad person, etc. They do not even read your resume or aknowledge any suspicious material on your resume. No Criminal checks or "Backgroud" or "police" checks are done. The workers they hire are NOT even BONDED!!! You dont know who these people are knocking on your door, Heck NEITHER DO THEY!!!

Please Stay Safe...

1. Dont even OPEN the door for a Spring Masters Employee

2. Dont ever Work for a company that hires Criminals

3. Dont let your children work for this comapny to be surrounded by Criminals at work


Company: Spring Masters Canada

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Hamilton

Category: Construction & Repair


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