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Home Window Inc
Butcher job!!! - Fly by Night Contractors - Damage to our house - Poor Quality Work and Materials - Left a Mess of Broken Walls, Trim, Steps, and Flooring!! ON

Home Window Rip Off

Home Window Inc of Burlington
Dishonest - Inexperienced - Home Window Inc. - PoorWork -Bad Service Unskilled - Bungling - Damage Done To Your House - Incompetent - Negligent Bad Contractors

Beware Homeowners!!

Stay away from:
Home Window Inc.
3070 Mainway Drive
Unit 7 Burlington,

Michael O'Shea

Bad Contractor!!! "Home Window Inc." of Burlington, ON
Watch out homeowners!! Are you in the market for a renovation? Are you looking around for a decent, reliable contractor to do the work at a fair price?

Then don't make the same mistake we did! Stay far away from: Home Window Inc. of Mainway Drive in Burlington, Ontario!

If you are looking for window and door replacements for your home, don't repeat our nightmare experience. Hire a well-established company whose installers know what they are doing and have more than a month's experience on the job!

Please go to: for a copy of our complaint to the Better Business Bureau. We hope to add pictures to this site in the near future.

Find a company where the contractor will work with you - not against you.
Find a contractor who will keep his word and cares about the quality of his work.

Supplementary Complaint to the BBB Re:
HOME WINDOW INC. of Burlington, ON

Here is Additional Information we supplied to the BBB (Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse!!)

June 4th 2008
Complaint Tracking Number: A67C0-F9C08-A9445-EBBDE-CFD73-BB725-86


Additional Information below: (All original complaints still apply as well.) Since we have registered our complaint we spoke to Home Window through the company secretary, Phillipa.

1. We were informed that the contractor is refusing to replace the front door mat which was destroyed with caulking materials during the botched installation of our doors.

We are left wondering how any decent, reasonable contractor would refuse to replace items which their crew ruined while doing work at our home, or anyone's home for that matter. The mat was brand new (bill to prove) and the fact that the caulking was ground into the mat by the crew is not in dispute.

2. We were informed that the contractor is refusing to fix the plaster that was broken around both the back and front entry doors during the installation process. This is really very astonishing to us for a number of reasons. Why would any decent contractor break something and refuse to fix it?

Our experience in the past, with other companies, doing door and window installations in our home, have been wonderful. All plaster was filled with drywall and compound and sanded clean ready to paint. The trim work was excellent and level and plumb with well-fitted mitres. We are left wondering why Home Window Inc. cannot perform this standard of service, but instead make a mess of the work that they attempt. Any reasonable person would agree that the work done by Home Window Inc. is of a poor quality.

When we tried to point out the quality of the other companies' work compared to his, the contractor replied that he, "did not care." Clearly, the contractor's work is sub-standard in many ways, as is his attitude.

3. We were informed that the contractor "does not remember" the conversation about leaving in the wooden door sills. This seems very strange to us, since the contractor and myself discussed this for at least 20 minutes and, during our conversation, the contractor jumped up and down on the front sill and commented on its structural strength. At the back door, the contractor assured me the back sill would stay after he inspected it closely and jabbed it with a screw driver to assure it was not rotted out, but only worn.

So instead of following our agreement to leave the solid door sills in place, they were ripped our by the company leaving gaping holes in the brick and flimsy, bending aluminium sheeting in their place.

In addition to now having a poor, unfinished and shoddy appearance where the sills used to be, we believe that building codes stipulate a solid wood, concrete, or stone sill be placed under any door installation. We have none of these; just the junky appearance.

4. We were informed that, in addition to the multitude of problems regarding the installation and workmanship, there were problems with the doors themselves that required a service call to Dorplex, the manufacturer. However, the contractor is outright refusing to call Dorplex to put in the service order, leaving us now with additional problems on top of poor installation.

Aside from the above conversation with Home Window Inc., our doors have developed other problems as well:

1. Door handle latch sticks and does not return to the out position so that the door can close. This is apparently a symptom of misaligned installation. Front door.

2. Hinges squeak badly on front door. These are not the original hinges that came with the door, but a "universal" replacement set from a local hardware store. The original manufacturer's hinges were removed and discarded in a botched attempt to make the door close properly.

3. The window on the back door does not slide properly and is almost impossible to open.

4. Door sweeps are not sealing out air and insects.

(According to the contractor, numbers 4 and 5 problems are due to poor manufacturing and require a service call, which the contractor will not make.)

Thank you for considering this additional information. We hope to have a third party in soon to take care of the damage done by Home Window Inc. and to reinstall and repair our doors, latches, plaster, mat, flooring, and sills.

We are able to supply digital photographs of all of these problems. We would also welcome any third party sent by BBB to survey the damage or to assess the problems with the Dorplex doors.

Ripped off by Home Window
Burlington, Ontario


Company: Home Window Inc

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Burlington
Address: 3070 Mainway Drive Unit 7
Phone: 9053158380

Category: Construction & Repair


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