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Glo Bow Enterprises Rainbow Cleaning System
Glo Bow Enterprises/ Rainbow Cleaning System lies lies lies

Glo bow enterprises is a company that sells airpurification systems/ vaccums (its 1 unit). it is called the Rainbow Cleaning system. it purifies the air, as well as it has vaccum components, like carpet vaccum, floor piece, etc with no bags, all dirt goes into water.

although the product really isnt bad, the compnay is!

it all started when i was looking for a job and i found an add in the paper for a "CUSTOMER SERVICE POSITION " FOR 16$/HR, i thought it was great.
it began with a group interview where the speaker (anthony) would only tell you about the position we were applying little by little. he swore the job had nothing to do with sales, and that our job was simply to 'talk about a product". I quickly learned it infact was a sales job. after this i asked will we have to find our own leads, it was at this point that i was assured we would not. i later learned the reason they responded that we wouldnt need to find them ourselves was because our friends and family were supposed to do that for us.
the way it is done is, your first weekend on the job you show the product to 4 friends or family, and then those people are supposed to refer you to 3 people with the gain of a "gift", and then those 3 people each give you 3 people, etc. however it doesnt work that way because many people are not into giving out friends and family members information.

when you first join the company they have something called the "equity program", which is you buy the product ($2589), and if you sell 3 of them in 3 months, on your 4th sale, you would get yours paid for. the bosses of glo bow are very pushy, even if you dont want to buy the product. i did in the end go ahead and buy it, and hoped i would be able to sell 4.

next my concern was, being that i was not really into selling things, or sales positions, i said are you going to fire me if i dont sell any? i probably asked this question about 5 times, and always got the same response: "no we wont fire you because, even if you dont sell the product, you simply going into the home showing it, was free advertising."

this became a growing concern when i only sold 4 in total in 3 weeks. they began to become increasingly pushy, and very rude. at this time i had completed my 4 sales. so what they do is give you 2589$ and it is up to us to pay the tax (approx 300$), they offered to pay it for me, or i could take all the money and pay it myself. it seemed easier for them to just pay it, so i gave them the 300$ and it was out of my hands.

i quit after a month because i couldnt handle their attitudes and behaviours as far as stressing me out with pushing me was concerned. after i quit i called the finance company to see if indeed they had completed payment on my unit, only to find that they hadent!!

at this time it became back and forth on the phone with glo bow and the finance company for my struggle to pay it ontime. needless to say they paid it late and the finance company tried to stick me with interested charges reaching 400$, however i got out of it because it was not my job to pay since i had completed the equity program. i did however have to dish out my original 300$ taxes AGAIN because glo bow was pissed off that i had quit and tried to say they overpaid me, and i owe them money so they basically took that 300$ away.

my point in all this is not at all that the product is bad, all though it could definetly be tweaked and it isnt worth 3000$. the sales people have all the tricks to trying to make the consumer feel like they are obligated to own this unit, and if you say no they are extremely pushy on the phone with the customer. glo bow enterprises are the biggest bunch of ass holes i have ever met. the men to look out for at the company and stay far far away from are Ivan and Greg who are owners, and then Anthony who is Gregs Brother, and he does the training.

i know this whole message may have been confusing but i want people to be aware of the fact that these people are slick slick liars.
the only thing that is true about the company is that you can make money. good money, if you are able to sell this product. but i do believe you have to have sales man, fast talking abilities, confidence, have an answer for everything, great networking Abilities, likable etc.

anyways thanks for listening

guelph, Ontario
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Offender: Glo Bow Enterprises Rainbow Cleaning System

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Cambridge
Address: 180 Shearson Dr

Category: Construction & Repair


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