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Genie Bra Canada (Mixdirect)
Misleading advertising/fraudulent practices/no communication/unauthorized charges

What a mistake this was. Thankfully, I caught it relatively early, after reading numerous reviews online warning consumers NOT to buy from this company. I had already placed my order, but after reading about all the hassles everyone else endured, I decided it wasn't worth it, and to cancel my order entirely.

I called my credit card company to explain what had happened, but that I didn't yet see a charge on my credit card. This alarmed me somewhat, since I had given my card to them at the time of purchase, I expected it to show up in two business days. They informed me that Mixdirect had placed a "pending charge" on hold toward my card to the tune of $90.15 Canadian funds. Let me just reiterate that there has been no charge against my card at this point, only a pending charge, which actually works out in my favour. I assume it's their tactic to hold the charge until they ship the product. At this point, however, had no idea if I was being immediately charged, billed, COD or what have you, as there is NO INFORMATION available after ordering. No time-frame for delivery and - get this- only an ESTIMATED total. They can charge whatever amount they damn well please, apparently.

After reading countless negative reviews, I both emailed and called Mixdirect service center to cancel my order and to inform them not to charge my card, lest I charge them with fraud. Don't believe that garbage about not being able to reverse a charge. My credit card company informed me that I am not liable for any charges made to my card, since I had already contacted the company with my request for cancellation. The quicker you contact your credit card company, the better. If I may quote the customer service agent when I expressed my concern about being charged regardless of cancellation, "We got your back." :) Music to my ears, let me tell you.

So, ladies... or gents. Solution time:

If you've already made the same mistake I did, call your credit card company ASAP and explain the situation. They will help you out - they want to keep your business. If you attempted to cancel and Genie Bra/Mixdirect or any of their affiliates has told you they can't, OR if you've already received your product, DO NOT take no for an answer. Take the package to the post office and ask them to return to sender. If you've opened your box, re-seal the product and return to sender. Call the company (Mixdirect) and explain to them that you are not satisfied with their product, nor their service, and demand to be repaid in full as per the 60-day money back guarantee they have hidden in the bowels of their website. If they refuse to cooperate or tell you someone will call you back, explain that you wish to speak to a supervisor immediately. If they still insist they can't help or that no one is available OR if they try to bargain with the price of the refund or try to give you a deal on shipping, contact your credit card company immediately and explain the entire situation. Keep all emails, records and confirmation numbers, as well as the times and dates you contacted both companies. More than likely, your credit card company will take care of the rest.

This all boils down to misdirection. Misleading commercials, website, ordering methods and return policy. As a consumer, you have a right to know how much is being charged on your credit card BEFORE it is actually charged. The fact that they conduct business in this manner is sketchy and underhanded, and boarders on fraud. I am writing to the BBB about this incident, as I would prefer to put this company out of business.

I don't care how amazing your product is... if you can't provide decent customer service, it's useless.

Hope this was helpful.


Company: Genie Bra Canada (Mixdirect)

Country: Canada

Category: Clothing & Footwear


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