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Beware Ensurall!

For peace of mind I bought an extended warranty for my BMW when my factory warranty ran out. As I don't have a lot of time I decided to buy it online and must say my Ensurall warranty has been my worst investment since I sent money to a guy in Nigeria in return for an inheritance. Though, ...

Princraft Canada
Princecraft vogue 25 2014

I bought a brand new Pontoon Vogue 25' 2014 performance package with trailer... 77 000$ invoice Amazing Verado 300 motor but really poor manufacting quality and absolutely no quality control. either at the Princecraft paln or at my dealer Thomas Marine... Boat was leaved in road salted condition... ...

False information

Cars are not what they say. It's all about selling the car and charging exorbitant interest rates . The vehicle I bought was misrepresented to me and the Salesman refused to do anything to correct the situation. I was even prepared to trade up but they were happy to have found a sucker for the ...