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Customer Service

When there are no discernable differences in prices or physical quality, all you are left with is good ol’ customer service, right? WestJet had me convinced that they were gaining the edge in this arena…that they cared like those lovely commercial you see…I mean, they insinuated as much. However ...

Tweaks Performance Inc
Mechanics Crooks

I took my car in for some service they disassembled the top assembly and didn't put everything back in proper place... and charge me 9hrs @ 90 $ per HR do the MATH!!! 2 day after the job the car was having the same problem.i took the car to the dealer and they told me that they didn't connect the ...


I ordered some items from 3 different merchants both within and outside Canada;unfortunately for me, all three decided to use purolator to ship my goods. On tracking all 3 packages this morning, I was happy to see that all three were on their way to being delivered at my house. I went downstairs ...