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Blue and White Taxi Mississauga
Poor Customer service

So, I am a very frequent client for this company. I called for a cabby around 1 am for my girlfriend. Upon arrival it was a driver that we have never seen before. I made sure I stayed on the phone with my GF during the entire ride (can never be to safe). So my GF gets in and I hear the guy ask her if she wants to take the highway, she responds "yes please". The driver then gets to the highway entrance and it is under construction therefore the on- ramp is closed. My GF had taken it the night before and says "it was open yesterday can you check". The driver responds " No, it is closed. I know this for sure, I am a driver"... So he then proceeds to get on the highway the wrong way, loop around and take side streets. I advise my GF to give me the taxi number and then I tell her to hold while I call the company to complain and see WTF is going on. The driver asks her if she wants to go on the highway knowing it was closed..Like really? So, I call and the person who answers sounds like a zombie; monotone, unfriendly, lacking empathy, just sounded like they did not want to be there. Given, I am a little frustrated and I tell the guy." I need to know what the F% is going on, your driver is taking my GF the wrong way" The agent did not care about the reason for my call, instead starts warning me about foul language. I continue to tell him that I am not swearing at him, I'm just very worried about my GF, her safety and the fact that the driver is trying to get more money out of her. The agent then says " say it again, swear again, I dare you". At this point I'm furious that the guy is not interested in listening and so I apologize and say I just need this addressed. He hangs up on me... I call back. I get someone sitting beside him and all I can hear the previous agent talking about me.. Now I am trying to explain to this new agent, but im disctracted listening to the previous guy talk smack about me in the background so and I tell this guy " I can hear him in the background talking about me and what he is saying is not nice". The new agent totally misses to acknowledge my frustrations and starts telling me that I'm wrong to be acting how I am.. He hangs up on me. I call back again. A woman answers this tI'me. I ask for a manager. She starts scolding me for my behaviour..I ask for a manager again and she responds "I am the manager". I try to tell her that I'm worried about my GF and attempt to voice my concerns however, she doesn't listen. She continues to scold me about my behaviour and then says that my account is flagged and I will never be able to use their services again.. I tell her I don't care.. I just want to make sure my GF is okay.. She doesn't respond and continues to tell me that I am no longer a client and she does not care how much I spend. so what do I do, I tell her I'm going to have to call the police because I am fearing the worst and no one is listening to me... Given, I tell her to F% her mother and hang up... I get back to the other line and my GF tells me that she can see the Screen in the taxi and the dispatcher typed something along the lines of no more service for this client -flagged for racism and profanity.. They then proceed to call the taxi and ask him if HE needs the police to be dispatched... Like really? Call the Police on us for their poor service?

My GF ended up paying $45 for a ride that only costs us $35. WOW! talk about being swindled. If the cabbie knew that the highway was closed then why did he ask my GF if she wanted to take it? Swindled again by the great Blue and White buggers... and my complaint was never addressed.

I use to be a regular client. I would call them for both my GF and I on a daily basis. We use to spend on average $120 - $200 per week.. Calculate the yearly on that.. They were much to quick to resolve the issue by denying me future service, instead of retaining my business. I will never call them again. In fact all the money that I use to spend will be going to the purchase of my own vehicle now.. (Only makes sense)

In a call center world it is a reality that you will get frustrated clients calling to complain. Given, most call center agents are trained to de-escalate these situations. I admit that I used a swear word, however I did not swear at the agent. The agent used it as a scape-goat to disconnect my call. How do you expect me not to swear at you when I call back? Hung up on again and again.

I even called this morning knowing that there are different employees onthe shift and when I asked to file a complaint they offered to put me through to an answering machine. I voiced that I want to speak to a real person. I then asked if there's an email address or a specifi number I can call. She stated that there was not and the only way to complain was through her. Really? I responded "This seems a bit disorganized. However, I kept super cool and I was extrmely polite. I thanked the young lady for her help.. guess what- She hung up on me too... WOW!!!

I Went to the website this morning and this is what I found:

If you have had a good or bad experience with our service and want to let us know, give us a call or shoot us an email at:

Automated/Operator 905-274-4444

Live Operator 905-274-1600

Live Operator 1-877-274-0470

Email: [email protected]

So I was lied to on top of it all... Nice!

Train your people -

Negative trends for all 4 agent interactions:

There was a total lack of care for my concerns, frustrations and confusions of the matter.

No emotional acknowledgement in any way. These people acted like robots

No warmth, No friendliness - In fact they were plain rude

No patience on their behalf. Did not take the tI'me to understand why I was at my wits end with them

They were not helpful in any way and ultimately my issue was NOT addressed...

Blue and White "Thank you". Thank you for the poorest customer service I have ever had, a sleepless night and the motivation to never refer your services to any of my friends, family, coworkers, and business associates.

From: Never again!


Company: Blue and White Taxi Mississauga

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Mississauga

Category: Cars & Transport


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