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Partners in Credit
Team Leaders Carlo Paura and Roxanne Deyhori

Team Leaders Carlo Paura and Roxanne Deyhori: Both are husband and wife. Carlo Paura, known to be more racist and Ruksana "De" Whorei known to be what her name suggests! If one looks at her, you would know that she is a 38DD fake silicon, midget in size maybe a 5 feet 1 inch in total, tans herself even though she is brown, and bleaches her hair whitish blonde even though she has pitch black hair. Hey she is what God never cared to make. Which means that he had no time, so he put whatever he had and gave birth to the an ugly TROLL. She is Iranian, and married this lizard lookalike Carlo Paura (Italian) who basically had never seen a vagina in his life, so settled for her, as he was insecure about never having a woman in his life, so hey Roxanne Deyhori, created her little troll self to match his SICK taste. Now Carlo Paura, has a name for every one in the office, from making fun of a Chinese man named Angus to, calling a Pakistani man "Bin Laden." No these racial comments ever end, as Carlo Paura, the man who cannot walk straight, who needs a set of breasts to make way for him in the world of the collection agencies, basically thinks that he is smart. And guess what these two loose characters have given birth to two ugly daughters, who will I guess, follow their mom "DE WHORI".

Why are we all complaining about them?

Well here are the reasons: Roxanne Deyhori:

Has used SEX to sway men in this industry as she earns on commission. Basically whoring herself and dangling her breasts, and fake restylane lips. Guess what she has also called the cops for charging a man for sexual harrassment. So don't look at her breasts or else you may end up in jail, even though she has then out most of the time. She scoops files from everyone in the office. Every single collector complains about her scooping files. Not only does she scoop for herself, but also for her pipsqueak good for nothing husband Carlo Paura. Why we have a problem with both of them, is because they dont work at all. Roxanne, who is a real bitch, sits on her flat ass, and makes sure that she browses files and scoops them. The first thing is that if you ever work there, make sure that you don't even mark your files if they are going to generate money, that way you will be safe. When I started there, she put me on all files, then when end of month came, my Promise to Pay files were all scooped. Now having the background in collections I wrote everything down, and so to her dismay, she had to reverse the files back to me. A loud woman, with a very bad attitude, fake breast as her little peanuts were not raking in the attention that she needed.

Now, I don't know if the President of the company, Partners in Credit Inc. Vince Fiore, knows anything. If he only could realize that because of both of these clowns, the whole environment of the office is tense and guess what people do not care.

Now lets talk about the pipsqueak Carlo Paura, this man has no sense of anything, he sits like a bitch, and makes fun of every one. Now one thing for sure, he does think that his wife with her fake breasts, fake lips, fake hair, fake tan, and midgety hands and legs is gorgeous. Trust me guys I'm not talking about JLo or Kim Kardashian, now these women are gorgeous even with their surgeries. Whereas Roxanne Dehori (lol) looks like trash and there are better hookers on Church street, I mean even better Transvestites on Church street in Toronto.

In this company there are two people who work hard along with the whole office with the exception of the Pipsqueak and the Whori. John Muglia and Randy Grant. These two men give it their best. Randy, I know he helps Carlo Paura and Roxanne Deyhori, because he believes that they might do something to his position, so he has no choice but to help them. Now both Carlo Paura and Roxanne Deyhori, made sure the previous manager in place of John Muglia, was fired or let go. Sicne John Muglia is not fitting in with them too well, they are slowly after him. I give him a 1.5 years and then he is out, until or unless, Vince Fiore wakes up, fires both the whores, and make the environment a strong team building and competitive environment.

Carlo Paura always, makes fun of John Muglia, and has corrupted most of the boys on the TD team, as well as a few on the other team. When John comes in with an idea, Carlo Paura will always have a smart comment to make, in order to make fun of John Muglia. John is new, and is professional enough for the collections environment. Randy Grant, I kinda feel for him, as he dedicates his life to Partners in Credit. But his fear is losing his job due to Roxanne's breasts and Carlo the pipsqueaks smart ass comments. He helps them, but scooping files for them.

Both Carlo Paura and Roxanne Deyhori help their friends, who serve them as servants. Carlo Paura and Roxanne Deyhori will never give anything to anyone, and will always take. Oh yes, I forgot, they will give some easy files to help two of their slaves: Mahsa and Scott Canning. Poor Scott with no teeth in his mouth, and known for wife swapping, needs this job and will look up all kinds of skip trace files, and do all of Carlo Paura and Roxanne Deyhori's dirty work. Mahsa- the fat chick, a sore for the about normal man, I feel sorry for as well, as she takes every opportunity to serve Roxanne The Whorei, I mean oops, Dehori. It's a pathetic sight, how much of an ass licker can one be, but yes both of these two characters are like that.

Anyways, those who serve, will stick around in Partners of Credit Inc. Those who serve will make commission. Those you don't want to be their maids, will not get the good treatment. Those who think they are better than them, will not get the good treatment. When you are hired under both Carlo Paura and Roxanne Deyhori, make sure you wear a peasant's outfit and serve both these bitches with home cooked food, Tim Hortons' coffee and adhere to every request they make.

Or else you will be in my position, ready to quit, minds made up and yes I'm quiting. I am an excellent collector, made over my quota, came on time every bloody day, never missed a day, stayed till late evenings and made sure that my time was made. Leaving with dignity, as I have collected all that I could. And today Vince Fiore lost a good collector, only because of

Carlo Paura and Roxanne Deyhori.


Company: Partners in Credit

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Richmond Hill

Category: Business & Finance


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