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Charif Barber shop
Threatening behaviou

This was the worst customer service I have ever ever seen...I went there because of the good reviews... I went in and he asked me to sit, but not facing the I asked if he could turn my chair around so that i can face the mirror. That's how most of of the barbers do it anyway. He said ...

Yolo Curve
FDA Watchdog

It is completely unfair that a complaint that is so untrue can be posted on this site. It is quite obvious it is from a competitor trying to bash it's competition. I can only hope that consumers are smart enough to see through such nonsense and educate themselves on the truths of non-invasive fat ...

Controling and shady

I have made several attempts to communicate with the fitness manager at that gym. EVERY time I seemed to get the run around. "The coordinator doesn't really have an email address but I'll be sure to give him your message." Or They're in at different times throughout the week." Some of them have ...