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Lastmans Bad Boys
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Complaint-review: Lastman's Bad Boy's - Gold Warranty

Lastman's Bad Boy's
Gold Warranty

HORRIBLE BUSINESS~~~~Instead of providing the Gold Warranty you buy this business does all the can to ensure they do not have to provide service - When you call the store they tell you to report all issues with your item and then when you file the claim the company says: · Claim is denied as you ...

Lastmans Bad Boys

After having prolbems at Leons we went to Bad Boys who sold us a new bedroom set. They "1 billion percent" guaranteed we would have our mattress in one week (which we got) but because they did not have the headboard and footboard that would be in an estimated 6 - 8 weeks. We really needed ...

Lastmans Bad Boys
Rude service

We went to the Bad Boys furniture retailer in Barrie to look for new appliances for our basement apartment we were building. We were looking at the different models of stoves in the show room, and their salesman eventually directed us toward a stove wedged between other appliances. He said they ...