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United Financial Group
Award Claim Notification

I recieved a letter stating i won 55, 000.00 and that i had to pay the I.R.S the taxes on the winnings and that the check they enclosed for 3, 975.00 would have to be deposited into my checking account and then to call Stacey Williams, instead i looked up this company on the internet and of course ...

United Financial Group
Sent me a Check for $3975.00 part payment of $55, 000.00 prize award to avoid conflict with the IRS to pay the $3225.00 tax amount No Address On The Letter Or Envelope

I recieved Letter with no return address, Letter was from United Financial Group. Internation Finance Department, Ontario Can We are pleased to inform you you that you have been decared a winner in out annual SWEEPSTAKES. ....many insucessful attempts have been made in order for to to calim your ...