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Telus Mobility
After sales service

I have recently transferred from Rogers to a Telus corporate plan for two iphones and for a week now I am having technical issues with the two iphones. The transfer has not been done properly and I still have the messages received on the rogers phone at times and the Telus phone at other times. ...

Telus Mobility
Data usage

Hey something to pass on to you freinds. Tis applies to telus mobility account and data usage. Over the weekend of November the25th, telus upgraded there servers ( the counting has changed according to my data tracking) and and now for ever megabite of data or you download you are using 10 ...

Telus Mobility
Telus Bill

I recently switched from Rogers to Telus in January 2012. Since then I have had numerous problems with my bill. Upon activating my phone, the guys at BestBuy needed to activate two numbers as the server froze the first time. They did not fix this over at Telus HQ, so i got billed not one, but TWO ...