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Sears Canada
Carpet cleaning

We booked the first time to get our carpet clean in the house and we got a call the day before (19 nov 09) the service man got sick and coul'd do it that day. Later we got a call to re-book for another date which was suppose to be today the 9 dec 09 between 15:00 hrs and 17:00 hrs. We waited all ...

Bell Express Vu

We were supposed to move to Montreal but ended up not going. We put our service on hold which is $15 a month. We had a hard time getting our service reconnected here as they were supposed to send us a smart card and they sent it to Montreal instead of here and we kept calling and they kept assuring ...

Bad service

I bought a washer and a dryer through sears. We picked them up our selves because last time we had trouble with the delivery people and no comunication. July 19 we picked them up. There was no stacker with it so we could not stack and level them. Therefore I went to sears and they said aug 3 the ...