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Address: 5678 Church Street
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Golden Financial Trust, F. Collin, Collin Ford, Diana Williams, Victoria Dews
Winner of "CONSUMER PROMOTION DRAW". $250, 000.00 payable by certified check. $4680.00 enclosed for (NON RESIDENTS) CANADIAN TAX payable by MONEYGRAM

I received a letter and check in the mail. The letter is from Golden Financial Trust from the office of F. Collin, (Vice President Finance). The address was given as 5678 Church Street, Saint John, NB, Canada V9K 2Y6 with the phone number 1-778-316-9273. The letter was dated 21th August, 2008 ...

Golden Financial Trust
Received a letter mailed from Canada from this compnay with a check for $4680 telling me to cash it and send them $3970 to get my chack for $250, 000

On 7/30/08 I received a letter mailed from Canada from GOLDEN FINANCIAL TRUST with a $4, 680.00 check enclosed. The check was from J.P Morgan and Chase Bank. According to the letter, I had won $250, 000 from a 'CONSUMER PROMOTION DRAW' organized. I was advised to contact a claims agent John Roberts ...