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Complaint / review / scam report
Geo Holiday, GHF Marketing Ltd., Fairfield Timeshare
Geo Holiday, GHF Marketing Ltd, Fairfield Timeshare THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU BUY, YOU MIGHT NOT EASILY SELL IT

In May 2004, we bought our fairfield timeshare from Geo Holiday.

At that time, we actually were not sure whether we should buy this timeshare or not, the advertising seemed interesting, yet the reason we bought was because the salesperson said to us that we can resell the timeshare after 2 years at the same price to them (Geo Holiday). We thought it was such a nice offer. We could try it, and then, if this didnt fit our vacation style, we could resell it after 2 years (it sounded too good to be true to be able to sell at the same price which we should have been aware of something fishy was going on).

We should have been awaken by the fact that in the agreement there wasnt any statement saying that Geo Holiday would buy back the timeshare after 2 years. However, we mistakenly trusted theme

After 2 years, we found out that we didnt really like a timeshare. I will explain the reasons later. So, we decided to sell the timeshare. We phoned Geo Holiday, yet they said that they didnt buy any timeshare. So, basically they lied to us when they said 2 years ago that they would purchase our timeshare at the same price. Then we searched for a broker (Timeshare Only). And amazingly, THE PRICE SUITABLE FOR OUR TIMESHARE WAS ALMOST HALF OF OUR PURCHASED PRICE! We purchased biannual 105, 000 points fairfield timeshare for $14, 081. And the broker said that our timeshare worth only $8, 000. (Because we were confuse of the price, we postponed the decision to sell).

Should we knew that it wouldnt sell easily, we wouldnt have bought it in the first place. Thats why, beware customers! Dont be tricked by their lies! First, youre probably better buy from people like us (be a second hand timeshare owner and receive almost 50% off) And secondly, think first whether a timeshare is suitable for you Because some people, like us, dont feel happy with a timeshare.

Then there was another difficulty in selling our fairfield timeshare. Actually this difficulty was also the advantage of our fairfield timeshare, if only it suited us. The timeshare we purchased wasnt tied to any particular resort. If we used it, that meant we could use it for various resorts in various places, which was an amazing feature. However, to sell such a timeshare isnt easy, because usually the broker will ask us the particular resort attached to the timeshare, and we just cant answer such a question, because there isnt any.

Now, the reasons why we would like to sell our timeshare:
1. We are the type of traveller who dont like to stay for the whole week in one spot. Usually using timeshare means we have to stay for the whole week in one resort. When we purchased fairfield timeshare, they told us that we could use the points for just a few days, instead of the whole week. However, somehow, we received different response when we tried to book for just a few days. Anyway, I forgot when we exactly called and which resort was it, but I remembered very clearly that the resort wanted us to stay for the whole week. OK. Even if we can stay for a few days, a timeshare is still not suitable for us, because of our travel preference. We like to explore one whole area and stay few nights here and few nights there within the area. For example, last year we went to British Columbia/Alberta region. We stayed two nights in Vancouver, one night in Vancouver island, a few nights in Jasper, and a few nights in Banff. Of course we cannot use our timeshare, because timeshare resorts arent available in all places. Or two years ago, we went to Hongkong for one week. Although one week in Hongkong was actually a very short period, yet, we travelled to Guangzhou, Shenzen, and Macau as well, during the same week. (We couldnt use any timeshare as well for this vacation). If you are such a traveller like us, then a timeshare is certainly not suitable.

2. We are type of travellers who decide first where to go, then try to find an accommodation there. If you like to use timeshare, it is better to do the other way around. Find the available resort first, and then plan the vacation. People like us will most probably get dissapointed, because again resorts are not everywhere and combined with last minute booking, the resort might have fully booked.

3. We are the last minute traveller. Of course there are last minute resorts availabe, however we just have to change our plan of destination, which we usually dont.

Hopefully this report will help those customers who currently thinking about buying fairfield timeshare from Geo Holiday. It wasnt a bad timeshare, I think, if you arent like us. What you need to do is just think twice before you buy this timeshare.

Montreal, Quebec
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Geo Holiday, GHF Marketing Ltd., Fairfield Timeshare

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Etobicoke
Address: 51 International Blvd
Phone: 4162138960

Category: Traveling & Tourism


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